About Me

I'm 26 and a chilled out and easy going person most of the time. . Saying I like reading books would be a huge understatement because I "LOVE" reading them. And I do so every spare second I can find. 

Most of the books I read are from the following genres -
Fantasy Contemporary Young Adult Fiction etc

Other than reading I also enjoy watching...Supernatural, Modern Family, Teen Wolf etc
My favorite movies include...Harry Potter Series (Obviously :D)A Walk To Remember , P.S I Love You, Titanic, What Happens In Vegas, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Kate & Leopold, Tangled, Men In Black  ;)
 Some of the songs most loved by me are...Please Don't Go By Barcelona Come Back When You Can again by Barcelona, Echo By Jason Walker

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Some of my favorite authors are -

Richelle Mead,Abbi Glines,Lauren Kate,Becca Fitzpatrick,Jamie McGuire,L.J. Smith

Some of my favorite characters are -

Patch From The Hush Hush Series <3 I'd say I'm totally and irrevocably in love with him... <3Dimitri Belikov,Adrian Ivashkov, From The Vampire Academy Series <3Damon Salvatore From The Vampire Diaries <3Travis Maddox From The Beautiful Disaster <3Ash From The Daughters Of Darkness (Night World 2) <3Parker Whalen From Cross My Heart <3
Other than books I would say I find Psychology pretty interesting.

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