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Author: Josie Cara
Genre: Woman's Fiction, Romance
Publication Date: December 13, 2013

When debilitating headaches and strange nightmares start wreaking havoc on budding artist Josie 
Bryant’s life, she begins a downward spiral into depression and helplessness. Her once heavenly 
relationship with her fiancĂ© - gallery owner Ethan Donnelly - starts to fall apart, and everything Josie 
held dear starts to systematically fall away. 

After startling information is received about Josie’s past, she and Ethan embark on a quest to gather as 
much information as possible in a last ditch effort to save their relationship, and possibly Josie’s life. 
Unfortunately, sometimes things are better left alone. Will Josie be able to handle the truth? Will her 
lifelong need for a loving family be realized, and if so, is it worth the cost? Can Josie and Ethan’s love 
really conquer all, or will it all come crashing down in a New York minute?

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About The Author :

Josie Cara lives in NYC with her family and two King Charles Cavalier dogs, Zak and Zoe. Her love of books has always been a big part of her life but she never had the time, between working and caring for  her children, to concentrate on writing. Now she has the time to take all the stories she's been writing in  her head and put them down on paper; something her family and friends have been encouraging her to  do for some time. A whole new world has opened up to her and she is enjoying every minute of it.

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