Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pushing The Limits By Katie McGarry Review

This book was a total emotional rollercoster. It's not very often that I read a book which makes me wanna smile, laugh or cry soo much. Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry definetly did all of that. The storyline of the book is VERY interesting and you cant really know or guess what is gonna happen next. The other characters which I loved other than Echo & Noah of course are Lila, Beth,Isaiah and obviosly Mrs. Collins, the social worker.Her driving scenes are some of the funniest moments in the book.

I found this novel difficult to put down. Echo and Noah both have terrible pasts and their stories are compelling.The romance is told in the alternating points of view of Noah and Echo, so their mutual attraction is obvious to the reader before the couple figure it out themselves.The chemistry between Noah and Echo is to die for. The other couple I can think of that even comes close to what they have is Brittany and Alex from Perfect Chemistry.What I loved about Noah and Echo’s relationship is that they didn’t spend the whole book going back and forth on whether they should be together or not. They both knew it was going to be hard at times, but they trusted their feelings and went for it anyway. Of course there were more than enough conflicts to keep my fingers crossed for them to get their happily ever after, but I find real relationship issues so much more interesting to read about than the back-and-forth that comes first. And the tension in this relationship, the tenderness and attraction and love was just so beautiful to me.

Pushing the Limits is a very dramatic teen romance, totally recommendedb by me.

Fav quotes-

1) "Oh, I don’t know. Wander around by myself, probably end up dead,stuffed in the bottom of that guy’s shopping cart."

2) “She’s in the zone. Good luck getting her attention.Do me a favor. If she ends up painting her whole face, grab my camera from my desk and take a picture. I’ll add it to my collection.” She gazed at Echo and smiled. “I’ll title that one Smurf. Nice tats, by the way.”

“I’m focused, not deaf,” mumbled Echo after the teacher left.

3) “That big red shiny thing inches from you was another vehicle.”

Monday, 27 August 2012

Summer Of Adam Devereaux Review

 Hmmmm...Well I think I'm gonna give "Summer of Adam Devereaux" 4 out of 5 pretty stars. I really enjoyed reading this book,especially the end. I just could not put the book down.I liked Skyla's character. She was funny, optimistic, sarcastic...Gosh! dont you just love it when your characters are sarcastic...I know I do...hehehehe. And she was also a strong character by the end of the book.
                   The overall storyline was quite interesting.The characters were very well written, they sure made me smile very often than not and I think the book was quite a good read if you ask me.

Some of my fav quotes from this book are -

 "Normal teenaged girls dont talk to their plastic skulls, heck they dont even look at them, let alone even hold them. They also dont cradle it in their arms,tears spilling out on occasional times. They dont look at the skull's grinning face and expose watery smiles when they get the feeling they're being heard."

"They dont look at the skulls like they're answering questions. A normal teenage girl would'nt be asking a skull ," What happened to Adam? I really, really liked him.What happened? Please, please tell me what happened!" Also they would'nt be holding the skull near their ear, and seriously answer, " Yes i should've followed him that night."

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Coffehouse Angel By Suzanne Selfors Review

With a combination of contemporary romance and a pinch of paranormal, Coffehouse Angel managed to surprise me. This light-hearted, heavy on the caffeine novel tells a tale of rewarding a good deed gone wrong. It was a comedy of heavenly errors crafted in such a way that made everything happened for a reason and explicable.It had funny, quirky characters and a plot that didn't evoke extreme emotions. And there's nothing wrong with that. Not every read has to take you to extreme highs or lows. Sometimes, you just have to enjoy the moment.
      Overall, the book has a wonderful meaning. It shows that in times of need, anyone can stand up and try! And that being kind gets you far! Coffeehouse Angel is an adorable tale about forgiveness, finding yourself and loving the ones around you.

Spellbound By Cara Lynn Shultz Review

Spellbound is enchanting—from the first chapter I was hooked!  You’ve got the Charmed type of witchcraft, the Cinderella type fairy tale, and the Vampire Diaries type sexy guy! Add all ingredients, put in a blender, and what do you get?  A book that will truly keep you “spellbound” until the next installment!

I Kissed A Zombie And I Liked It Review

The book is based in a post-Twilight world where vampires and zombies and other paranormal beings have 'come out of the closet' so to speak and roam freely amongst humans. Not surprisingly they are also the object of teen fantasy and obsession.
I'd say overall it was an okay read for me ,not the best book in the world but it was okay ,nothing extraordinary or anything like that.I did like the love story of this book which was kind of sweet in its own way.
That being said, it was a cute little book. Would I recommend this book to people? Probably not. If you have an hour or two to kill with nothing else to read then go for it.

Stargazer By Claudia Gray Review

Stargazer does a great job helping the reader remember what happened in the first book.While Stargazer still followed a lot of the typical YA rules, I feel like it improved a lot from the first book. I also felt that the chemistry between Bianca and Lucas was really improved so it made me actually be able to sort of root for them. Balthazar was one of my favorite characters in Stargazer.
      The characters are fun to read about with many different sort of personalities and things going on at once. Stargazer is a fun, gripping read which  has something for everyone.

Destined By Jessie Harrell Review

If you love reading stories that have to do with Greek mythology..."Destined" is the book for you. Destined has a nice beginning, awesome middle, and a happy ending that will leave you feeling satisfied. My only criticism is that in the beginning of the story there were times I had to re-read some parts because I found myself a bit lost or confused. Once I got passed that though, I zoomed through the story and liked it. I really enjoyed reading it and love Jessie Harrell's way of storytelling. 

Illuminated By Erica Orloff Review

Typically, I’m not a fan of relationships that reach an extremely deep level of commitment in an unbelievably short amount of time. However, in Illuminated, while I thought Callie and August’s relationship develops quickly, it works for me. Perhaps it’s the shared excitement, the adrenaline rush of being thrown together, hunting down clues to an archaic mystery together. Perhaps it’s the poetic, romantic words of A. bringing them together. Perhaps it’s the fact that August is just so sweet and so obviously into Callie.Perhaps it’s a combination of all of these reasons. But given the conditions, I can understand how an intense romance could be kindled under such circumstances.
                Overall, with just the slightest hint of magical realism, Illuminated is a story of the all-consuming beauty, the hopefulness, the limitless potential of young love contrasted against the tragedy of a centuries old romance.

The Fallen Star By Jessica Sorensen Review

The Fallen Star is the first book in Jessica Sorensen’s Fallen Star series, It is the story of Gemma who when we meet her is just starting to feel emotions, she has up until this point lived her life like a zombie. With these new feelings comes an adventure full of twists and turns!

I started too really like Gemma, she faces some scary situations in this book and well obviously she’s scared! I liked that she was petrified by what she saw because I know I would be! The usual young adult paranormal book has a simple plot: hot guy, fall in love, some action, dramatic ending. The first thing that was different was the “hot guy” Alex didn’t act super nice to Gemma. And, Gemma fought with him and stood up for herself. Sometimes you didn’t like Alex because he was being a jerk, and then suddenly BOOM he was nice again! It makes you go back and forth on the characters. Also, the action was just AMAZING!

The author leaves us on a cliff hanger, which was extremely clever because you instantly want to read the next book in the instalment.I really liked The Fallen Star, if you are looking for an exciting series of books with twists and turns, this is for you!

Fav Quotes -

"Hey, I might be a stubborn brat sometimes, but when it came to not getting killed, I was more than willing to cooperate."

"Well, this was a nice change. Put me on the verge of dying and he was all for being nice.

Dark Heart Surrender By Lee Monroe Review

Lee Monroe's enjoyable trilogy comes to a close with 'Dark Heart Surrender'.  I was looking forward to reading this one and finding out whether or not Jane and Luca would get their happy ending. The two have had many ups and downs throughout the series and obstacles have constantly been put in their way but regardless of that it's always felt like they were destined to be together.
      Two new characters are introduced early on in the book, a brother and sister pairing called Ade and Polly.  There's a lot more to them than first meets the eye and at times I found them really creepy and quite unsettling.
      I think my only criticism of this book would be that the ending was a little abrupt. Without spoiling anything I kept waiting for a big romantic moment between Luca and Jane which never really came. I found it a bit disappointing because I'd invested so much in their relationship.Saying that though, the final few chapters were very exciting and full of intrigue and suspense.

Hourglass By Claudia Gray Review

What can I say?? These books just keep getting better and better. Hourglass has a number of twists and turns, leading to a dramatic conclusion.Hourglass is like that soap opera,  that you simply cannot tear yourself away from.
Series fans will be pleased that favourite secondary characters Balthazar, Vic and Ranulf all have a part to play in Hourglass. Vic and Ranulf in particular add a touch of humour to Hourglass that lifts the occasionally gloomy plotline back up to lighter ground.
With its tragic romance, life-and-death drama and moral ambiguities Hourglass shows itself to be a superior example of the current YA vampire romance craze. This alone should be enough to get fans lining up for the upcoming fourth and final book in the series – while Hourglass’s cliff hanger ending guarantees it.

Rapture By Lauren Kate Review

 I am in awe of this series. If there is any epic love story, then it’s the one of Luce and Daniel.Funny enough, I fell in love with Daniel the minute he flipped Luce off when they first met in Fallen. This series broke me heart so many times, I cried so many times and I swooned so many times.
          Rapture indeed gave us so many answers and went even beyond about what I imagined. We finally get to the bottom, to the very beginning of Daniel and Luce’s tale. How they fell in love and the background of their love and also of their curse. Discovering and getting all those answers was thrilling and exciting. I was speechless and astonished by the sheer enormity of this story. Never, did I imagine what was finally revealed. The whole series slowly builds to this final showdown and.. it was well worth the ride and the tears!
          In Rapture Lauren Kate brings the epic tale of love to a breathtaking ending. Some twists I suspected, some totally took me by surprise. However, Ratpture was a fitting ending to a beautifully woven love story that is beyond everything I read before.Finally, with Rapture we get closure. We had a wonderful time together.

First Comes Love By Katie Kacvinsky Review

When I saw the synopsis for First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky, I thought it would simply be a story about two very different people falling in love and then experiencing some obstacles that challenge that love. It was that; but, First Comes Love was also a book about two people learning more about themselves by having someone to talk to and confide in.
                    Told from the perspectives of both Dylan and Gray, First Comes Love allows you to see what the two characters like about each other while simultaneously letting you develop your own opinion about them as individuals. Gray is moody, cynical, and someone who’s very much a loner. Dylan on the other hand is extremely carefree and completely uninhibited with her emotions. She also has this quirky tendency of naming everything she owns.
                     The writing was perfect - I forgot I was reading and became completely immersed in the story. The plot was completely character driven. The pacing was right on, and the story unfolded in such a way that it was easy to get caught up in their relationship and become emotionally invested. I found myself really wanting Grey and Dylan to be happy together. What else makes this book special is watching their friendship grow and their relationship bloom.
                     This book is a wonderful contemporary romance. It was simple, yet heartfelt and intricate all at the same time.

The Boyfriend Game By Stephie Davis Review

The Boyfriend Game is a short and incredibly cute story. I didn’t know what to expect but I found that I really enjoyed this short story. I finished this book with a big smile.
               Trisha and Graham have one thing in common- Soccer. Upon meeting each other and finding out that they are both dedicated to soccer, they train together to improve their performance on the field and for Trisha to be bumped up to the Varsity team. They keep each other focused and they push each other to the limit. When Trisha’s friends make her notice that Graham is hot and totally swoon-worthy, she begins to develop romantic feelings for him. But Graham isn’t into dating girly girls…
               Trisha is a freshman that loves soccer above anything else. She was such a naive and cute character. She has a sense of humour that made me smile. I loved her dedication to soccer and willingness to push herself to the limit. She’s insecure and has a bad habit of assuming things and jumping to conclusions. Graham is like Trisha in so many ways. I liked Graham, he was a sweet guy. As predictable as this story was, his feelings for Trisha was actually really confusing in the beginning. Nonetheless, I think that Trisha and Graham make a really cute couple. Their conversations made me laugh and giggle.

The Boyfriend Game is an easy-read and it doesn’t disappoint. I recommend this book for those who love cute romances and are looking for a sugary sweet love story.

Vampire Crush By A.M.Robinson Review

This was a great read. I love how easy, fun, and cute it was.

   Sophie is one very entertaining narrator - she's witty, driven, curious as hell and investigative. Sophie is also competitive to a fault, and we see all these characteristics of her in the book. Funny enough, some of these characteristics drive and shape the plot. For instance, her curiosity and investigative streak leads her into discovering far more about the newcomers in her school than her getting-to-know-you article required. She diverts from a typical heroine by actually having a reason to follow the newcomers, although eventually she steps far beyond the boundary. It was quite a refreshing break, away from other 'I-have-come-for-you' vampire stories. She is actually just a bystander dragged into the whole mess by her competitiveness and curiosity and her connection to James.

Speaking of James - I adore the relationship between him and Sophie. Their affection is shown in a very non-convetional way, and as childhood friends, their history is rich, vibrant and more than full of laughs. Their antics are both funny and romantic at the same time, truly reminiscient of a best-friend-turned-boyfriend romance. Between them is a sea of endless insults and pranks, but their affection and attraction to each other is shown through each of these - and is very clear from day one! Their history puts weight on their affection, and boy does it end up being terribly romantic!

Such a charming book - I'm sure readers will love Sophie's comedic narration and step into her shoes some time. Not to mention James, the vampires and the happy-ish ending!

Afterlife By Claudia Gray Review

Lucas and Bianca have a lot of issues in this one that they have to work through.  Not so much relationship wise with each other, but coming to accept who and what they are.  This book is also about finding out what the heck Mrs. Bethany is planning with all the ghosts she's collected, and trust me, you'll not see this conclusion coming!
             It was kind of sad for me in the beginning as far as how much Bianca and Lucas have changed.  They can't even try to be the 'people' they once were, but they have to work through what they can be.Find out more about what they can do to be the best they can be.
             Claudia Gray did a good job bringing this complex story together and ending it on a high note. It was not a conclusion where everything is perfect, and a few parts were frustrating, but it was a satisfying outcome for this couple.

Afterlife puts an end to a series I have come to love. This paranormal world Claudia Gray created will not be easily forgotten and the characters will remain as some of my favorites.

Evernight By Claudia Gray Review

I liked this book. It was an interesting take on the vampire myth, and while vampires seem to be more invincible than I’d like them to be (only beheading and fire can kill them?), I was still interested.The vampire myth in this novel is quite different from some I have read. Bianca is born a vampire; she isn’t created. During the first part of the book, we don’t know this; we think Bianca is simply a human girl uprooted and deposited in a Gothic boarding school, but we come to find out that she knows all along what’s going on. It’s an interesting choice to hide this from the reading audience, especially since we’re in Bianca’s head during the novel.

By the end, the story had picked up and I couldn’t put the book down. I was turning page after page trying to figure out what was going to happen next. The tension is definitely in the second half of the book.

It was a refreshing change from certain other YA paranormal romances though.

The Golden Lily By Richelle Mead Review

   I am just going to flat out say it. I am in love with Adrian Ivashkov.Sydney as a character keeps surprising me with every book that comes out. She keeps growing, and her beliefs keep being slapped in the face so hard that she has to back off and really think on everything she has been taught her whole life. To see her struggle through these problems in a sometimes sensible and coherent fashion is very entertaining. I like Sydney when she makes sense, not when she is all *Oh god the vamps are going to eat me!*. But she is a work in process and I cannot wait to see where her character goes to in the next chapter of the series. I give Sydney a thumbs up.
     I liked the ending because it had a very serious confrontation between our love birds, Sydney and Adrian (I am actually impressed Sydney was able to keep her hands off Belikov, strong will, I must say.I really liked it, and I liked how Adrian was strong and stood up not only for himself but for Sydney as well, even though it caught her completely off guard.I know I’ve said this before but I love Adrian. He’s always been a tortured soul with the drinking, the smoking and all the bad habits but its what spirit does to him that makes my heart clench for him. As hard as it is for him, there’s finally more of an effort from him to try and change his ways.
      Although everyone writes Adrian off as a lazy, drunk, party-boy, only Sydney can look past all that and see the real Adrian. They spend a lot of time together in this book and I loved every single second of it! One of her school friends sets her up with Brayden, who is “perfect” guy for her. Yet, every time she spends time with him she just feels…blah, and ends up thinking about  Adrian instead.
      I never thought that I could possibly love Adrian anymore but once again Richelle does the impossible. She opens us up to a whole different side of Adrian that will leave even the most hardcore Dimitri fans swooning over him! He was very sweet with Sydney without losing any of his trademark snarky and witty attitude. Seriously, how Sydney could not realize that he likes her is a mystery to me. Unless she was just in denial… Their friendship was one of those slowly growing ones that can be frustrating at times, but you just know that it will all be worth it once they do finally come together. And like I said before, Richelle Mead can do cliffhanger endings like no other. The ending of The Golden Lily was no exception. I kept turning the pages desperately hoping that there might be just a couple pages left.
     As the follow-up to Bloodlines, The Golden Lily delivered a story with lots of action, romance, and drama…with hopefully more to come. Fans of Richelle Mead, you don’t want to miss this.

Fallen By Lauren Kate Review

 After having gotten tired of the vampire and werewolf genre, I thought that I would give angels a try. Fallen By Lauren Kate is slow at first, since it is the introductory of the characters and the protagonist Lucy Price. She isn't a strong willed character and a bit easily distracted, however she makes for an interesting character because, she just -seems- so normal, except for the fact that she's attending a boarding school for misfits.
    Then comes forth the antagonist, Cam. As the story drifts and changes over time to the point were Cam switches out of the villainous role and joins sides with the "good" because, everyone shares the same common enemy overall. I'ts interesting. After Daniel commits an entry into the story, then a noticeable romance is obviously aroused between Lucy and him. In the end this book is filled with love, envy, and tragedy. It gets a bit confusing, and is slow at many times, but it makes for a good time passing read. Interesting story overall.

The Underworld By Jessica Sorensen Review

I loved this book.‘The Fallen Star’ was an introductory book ‘The Underworld’ delves deep into the characters plot lines, and new important characters are revealed and take the story down new paths with exciting twists and turns.This book is a great follow-up to the first one. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole book. I didn't get much work done, as I couldn't stop reading it, and read late into the night. I finished the book in the matter of hours as I HAD to find out what was going to happen next. Jessica is a master at creating a very believable yet unique world.

I think this is a brilliant YA series, I haven’t been this excited and eager to read a series in quite a while.The book is well written with great characters, and a fantastic plot! Sorensen is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors.I highly recommend this book.In fact I recommend the WHLOE series so far. AMAZING!! Great job Jessica!

Easy By Tammara Webber Review

   I liked this one. At first I was afraid that it was going to be one of those books in which the heroine gets dumped by the boyfriend and the hero saves her from a miserable life, thus sending the message that the only way to be happy is to be in a relationship. So the fact that she learns how to be independent is good. She obviously gets a guy that’s conveniently too perfect, but there’s a part in the book where she thinks that she survived the breakup, she survived the attack, so if things don’t work out with Lucas she knows she will be fine.
            I really liked Jacqueline because she was a strong female character overall. Yes, she had her down time, but she always got herself to fight back for the things she wanted. I liked that she owned up to mistakes she made without wallowing about it a lot. Landon was all kinds of hot man, and I loved that he wasn’t really that stereotypical pretty guy…even if he was pretty. He had some flaws too and that really made him seem like an everyday guy. He never truly fit any type of mold, so as a reader I never knew what to expect from him.
            I really liked that, and I think this book had a positive message, something I really appreciate especially when the characters are young. I also enjoyed the portrayal of female friendship in the book.
           The romance and ending was age appropriate too, nothing too heavy and unbelievable.Tammara Webber handles a really sensitive subject and makes it not only informative, but so natural. She weaves the story in a way that is heartwarming and tragic, yet leaves you with a satisfied smile by the end.

The Promise By Jessica Sorensen Review

This final installment did NOT disappoint.I loved how Gemma and Alex finally figured out their feelings for each other.Loved how we actually got to see 2 endings, the visions, and what really happens.I thought the story lines were nail biting, action packed and swoon worthy throughout the whole book.Once I started reading, it was hard to put the book down, with it's many twists and turns that kept me on my toes during the book.Which is always a good sign for the final book in a series.It was just great.
I can't wait to read the spin off book. The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls Series book 1).In the end I give 'The Promise' by author Jessica Sorensen 5 shiny stars. What can I say, I enjoyed reading it, from start to finish and it was a great end to a amazing debut book series. Jessica Sorensen way of writing and story telling was superb and I highly recommend you give this book series and this author a go, by reading a few of her books.

The Vision By Jessica Sorensen Review

Jessica Sorensen has really made Gemma a dynamic character as, looking back, I can see how she has morphed and changed into the strong willed young woman that every heroine should be.

Even though I was familiar with the storyline, I wasn't actually prepared for the emotions that hit me during this book. The Vision was probably the most emotional book out of the series (so far) because we see Gemma's and Alex's relationship on a whole new level. Even though they are trying to find a way to be together they are thrown a whole new line of obstacles that honestly leave you emotionally drained in a good way. I, yet again, could not put the book down. I am truly amazed at Jessica's writing style. I read lots of books, and can honestly say she is one of my favorite writers now.

I highly recommend this book, and the whole series. Its AMAZING! Be sure to read The Fallen Star and The Underworld before this one.

Balthazar By Claudia Gray Review

Balthazar was a fabulous edition and spin-off from the Evernight series, he was always one of my favorite character from the books and being in his head this time around was tremendous. Balthazar is a big ball of emotions,with his years of struggling against his vampire nature,the tortured "I want to be a human again", but different because of his sordid and heartbreaking past, he's unbelievably strong and brave yet has an ancient sadness that pulls at the heartstrings. Only a taste of his life is shown in the previous books,tiny little snippets of a hinted romance and a crazy sister, in this book instead of just a glimpse into his past we get to be there, learning how he was changed, what his sister Charity went through, what he did to her, seeing and feeling the agony of his parents deaths and the death of the girl he loved.
                                  Fans of Evernight will definitely enjoy spending time with their favorite vampire hottie, Balthazar! This is not only a book I'd recommend picking up for fans of this series, but for anyone looking for a good paranormal book to read. If you've not read the Evernight series and want to read this book I say read it! Claudia Gray wrote this book in a way that fans of both the series and those who haven't read it will totally enjoy it. If you enjoy an action packed story with romance, historical references and well written characters I recommend picking up Balthazar.

Heart On A Chain By Cindy Bennett Review

"Heart on a Chain" is another heart stopping story about a young girl surviving a life of abuse at the hands of her own mother. This story is a horrifying realization about what such a life experience entails. Kate was a typical child until life changes and results in a broken home that proves a danger everyday. The romance for Kate and Henry is bitter sweet, and a calming addition for such a brutal novel. With a stolen kiss in middle school and love across time this novel offers a tragic story with a smooth happy ending.
              Henry’s values can be a result of such a loving and inspiring family. It was easy to see the attraction Kate carries for not only Henry, but also for his entire family. Especially that unique and witty Grandpa Henry. This character was a shining gem in this book; that readers will love during his short role. Altogether the story is a memorable read and eye opening experience for readers.

You Against Me By Jenny Downham Review

You Against Me is very much a character driven book – and Downham’s characters, every single one, are exceptionally well written. This isn’t a romance, but it is about love. Yes – Mikey and Ellie are drawn to one another and we see their relationship evolve throughout the story, but that isn’t what You Against Me is primarily about. You Against Me is about an alleged sexual assault. One person’s word against another. And the devastating effects on not only the victim and their family, but also on the accused family – a point of view we rarely consider, or hear much about. In situations such as this, no one tends to care very much, if at all, of the impact of an allegation on the accuser’s family and how they are left to cope with the aftermath. Downham shows us how both families are completely torn apart.
You Against Me cleverly keeps the reader guessing as to who exactly is telling the truth for a good portion of the book – though the clues are there for those who see them.
This won’t be the right kind of novel for everyone, but don’t let the subject matter turn you away from picking up this book – despite its dark moments it is never melodramatic or emotionally manipulative. You Against Me manages to be both an absorbing, poignant read while conveying some important messages. One that deserves reading.

Dark Heart Rising By Lee Monroe Review

I like how this series is progressing!
This book is jammed packed with action as well as  secrets left and right.
I really enjoyed the narrative switches in this novel. I don't recall the narrative having switched at all during the first book, but in this one, we get to see, not just inside Jane's head, but inside Luca's and Raphael's too, which is really interesting and, especially with Raphael, gives us a much deeper understanding of his character.
The story itself was easy following with unpredictable twists to the story and also a few predictable ones but they kept me interested until the very end.The only major problem I had with the book was Luca. I completely understand he was was trying to please his parents and follow the rules of Nissilum but my god, I have never wanted to shake a character so much in my life than I did with him. He was just so frustrating for pretty much the entire book. He spent all his time moody, cold and so sad by trying to ignore Jane that he was just willing to over look his and Jane's happiness. In the end, though he did redeem himself.
Overall, I did enjoy this book more than book one and I look forward to reading more about Jane and Luca's story.

I don't really know what to say about this book, I really don't! I loved it- by the end, but it did take me a long while to get into it. I have wavered at times about whether or not this book is a three star or a four star.

I thought that Dark Heart Forever was a very intriguing book. Normally you would expect the person who is a vampire or werewolf to be in hiding in the human world. In this book however, there are two worlds, one with normal humans and one with angels, vampires, werewolves and more. I thought that was very original.
              What I like most about this story is how the past came back to Jane's mother. Yup, that was twist. I really like how the mother played an important role in the past decisions she made. It really makes Jane's decisions even harder. Make the same mistake her mother made or do something different??? I really like how both the mother and Jane had the same feelings in which their heart should go. It was like the past was repeating itself.

Dark Heart Forever is a dark book with a haunting secret just dying to get out. The characters were raw so you saw them develop right before your eyes and unveil many news things. The reader is immerse in two different worlds fighting for many things. Love and Revenge!

 So I just finished reading FORBIDDEN by SYRIE JAMES and to be honest it was quite an interesting book.The characters really made this story for me. To be honest, we've all seen this type of plot a few times; however, Claire, Alec, Brian, and Erica really gave it a nice boost.There were a few things I found wierd. First, there are a few too many coincidences in this story. Pieces fell together too easily sometimes. Also, Erica and Brian were a bit too accepting of the weird things going on around them. I wasn't sure if it was because they were young and would accept anything, or if they were really able to understand what was going on with Claire at all. Either way, I was very happy that they were there for her and I did get a feeling that they would do whatever she needed.
                Overall, I enjoyed this book.It is a is a well paced read with no boring moments and a really fine ending.  I suspect the “surprise” character at the end would play a much larger role in the next installment.Forbidden is told from alternating POVs so it was nice to see the story from both characters. They made the story fun by putting in a lot of humor and twists throughout.
Dead Rules was a really fun book to read, it was cute and morbid at the same time. Instead of being serious and painful, Randy Russell plays up the more joking side of ghosts and death. Even in Dead School, there are rules (I mean seriously so many rules, my own head was spinning) and there are cliques: Jana and her friends are Risers aka the good kids. They perished accidentally. Then there are the Grays, the ones who committed suicide. Angels are the beautiful virgins and then there are the bad kids: the Sliders. The ones who died doing bad things. Here enters Mars Dreamcote (pulse quickening...everybody get ready to swoon). Mars is the bad boy with a good soul and though Jana is repeatedly told to stay away from him, really, who can resist that kind of temptation? She feels a strong pull towards Mars and the warmth of his touch but she tries to turn it off, thinking only of Michael. She knows she must become a Slider to regain a connection to Earth so she can carry out her plans. I also liked that the author used a third-person narrative, so you get to know how her other classmates died and follow Mars around when he's not with Jana. You also get to see what Michael is up to on Earth, which is very important to the story...

This book is exactly what the title says, one beautiful disaster of a relation between two people who are just meant to be together. The writing and emotion that is the book is fantastic and brought to life characters that were so real. Each character has a story behind why they are who they are, both are stuck living with that past and are trying to find a way to be free of it.
              Beautiful Disaster is a messy, edgy and real story. It's the tale of a relationship that isn't perfect, that is dysfunctional and does have issues. It's the story of two people with deep psychological scars who both fix and break each other in equal measure. I will most definitely be reading more from Jamie McGuire and I cant say enough how much I enjoyed this book.