Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hourglass By Claudia Gray Review

What can I say?? These books just keep getting better and better. Hourglass has a number of twists and turns, leading to a dramatic conclusion.Hourglass is like that soap opera,  that you simply cannot tear yourself away from.
Series fans will be pleased that favourite secondary characters Balthazar, Vic and Ranulf all have a part to play in Hourglass. Vic and Ranulf in particular add a touch of humour to Hourglass that lifts the occasionally gloomy plotline back up to lighter ground.
With its tragic romance, life-and-death drama and moral ambiguities Hourglass shows itself to be a superior example of the current YA vampire romance craze. This alone should be enough to get fans lining up for the upcoming fourth and final book in the series – while Hourglass’s cliff hanger ending guarantees it.