Saturday, 25 August 2012

Balthazar By Claudia Gray Review

Balthazar was a fabulous edition and spin-off from the Evernight series, he was always one of my favorite character from the books and being in his head this time around was tremendous. Balthazar is a big ball of emotions,with his years of struggling against his vampire nature,the tortured "I want to be a human again", but different because of his sordid and heartbreaking past, he's unbelievably strong and brave yet has an ancient sadness that pulls at the heartstrings. Only a taste of his life is shown in the previous books,tiny little snippets of a hinted romance and a crazy sister, in this book instead of just a glimpse into his past we get to be there, learning how he was changed, what his sister Charity went through, what he did to her, seeing and feeling the agony of his parents deaths and the death of the girl he loved.
                                  Fans of Evernight will definitely enjoy spending time with their favorite vampire hottie, Balthazar! This is not only a book I'd recommend picking up for fans of this series, but for anyone looking for a good paranormal book to read. If you've not read the Evernight series and want to read this book I say read it! Claudia Gray wrote this book in a way that fans of both the series and those who haven't read it will totally enjoy it. If you enjoy an action packed story with romance, historical references and well written characters I recommend picking up Balthazar.