Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Falling Fast By Sophie McKenzie Review

River is 16 and looking to love and be loved. Along with her two best friends Emmi and Grace they go along to a local boys' school to audition for the female roles in Romeo and Juliet. Though River is a better actor than Emmi, when she sets her eyes on Romeo, played by Flynn, she is overcome with emotion and fluffs her test. Emmi secures Juliet and Grace and River get other parts in the play. Slowly River and Flynn begin a relationship but he is moody and swift to anger and River, though soon deeply in love, is not sure Flynn is her Romeo; what's with all his secrets and his intense personality?
Falling Fast charts a passionate but fragile relationship between the insecure River and Flynn and shows the difference between expectation and reality.This is quite a fast paced book which depicts teenagers as they really are. It shows that love never runs smooth and how every relationship has difficulties. Overall Falling Fast is a fun, light read and a good start to Sophie McKenzie’s new series.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Indigo Blues By Danielle Joseph Review

Told from alternating point of views, Indigo Blues shows what happens to both the songwriter and the muse after a breakup inspires a hit single. Adam Spade’s band Blank Stare is the newest craze and all Adam can think about is Indigo. She won’t return his calls or texts, but she never leaves his thoughts. For Indigo, this seems like the peak in her sudden rise to fame and even though Adam has ruined her life he still won’t stop calling her. The story centers around Indigo and Adam’s relationship as Adam struggles with newfound fame and attempts to write a song that will live up to the standards ‘Indigo Blues’ has set and Indigo tries and fails to stay out of the limelight. Indigo finally gives in to one of the numerous requests for an interview and agrees to go on TV with Adam to put to rest all of the rumors surrounding the song. There's also some great supporting characters, particularly Indigo's 14 year-old brother Eli, who's trying his best to help Indigo deal with the situation - and being about as sensitive as you'd expect a teenage boy in these circumstances to be.I absolutely loved Eli who basically acts like Sherlock Holmes.
This is a great story that’s filled with everything from teenage angst to the downside of "making it big" in the entertainment world. The only part where I was a little dissapointed was the ending. I would've liked to know how their relation progressed after the interview. I enjoyed Danielle Joseph's writing style, and thought her dialogue was especially good - all of the characters sounded really believable.

The Curse Girl By Kate Ellison Review

OMG! I cant believe how interesting this book was.I loved Bee. Her character was amazing. Strong, yet vulnerable, Bee is thrust into the extraordinary world while still struggling to hold onto her average teen life of friends, school and a sort-of-boyfriend.I loved how she explained herself: "I wasn't a hero, and I wasn't admirable. I was simply stubborn enough to keep going even when everything seemed to be falling apart." Then there's Will. Oh, Will. He's such a complete jerk at first.I loved the back and forth between these two. I loved how Bee called him "Beast Boy." Their bickering made me giggle so many times.
The plot was quite creative.The twists were great and what ended up breaking the curse in the end was beyond great.I also really enjoyed the Fey Lands and the different descriptions for the types of creatures there.The law of the land was quite awesome. All in all the book is pretty great.

Fav Quote -

“What about you? What do you do?” I needed to ask questions, draw him out. I needed to find out all the information I could. My voice sounded strong and smooth, but my hands were shaking. I put them in my lap so he couldn’t see.
“I prey on innocent villagers and terrify their children,” he said with a nasty smile. “And sometimes when I’m feeling really evil, I read books or paint.”

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Skater Boy By Mari Mancusi Review

Skater Boy is a young adult book and forms part of ‘the First Kiss Club’ series. The story is narrated by 15 year old Dawn, and charts her life as she struggles with her parent’s controlling nature and her first love.
The book is a sort of take on Romeo and Juliet – and Dawn herself likens her situation to the famous story. Dawn is part of the ‘in crowd’ at her private school, and is from the wealthy part of town. She’s destined to go to an Ivy League college and her life is mapped out by ‘the Evil Ones’. She then meets Starr, a new girl at school who encourages Dawn to the ‘wrong side of town’ where she meets Sean – a nice boy who is from a rough part of the city.The characters to me seemed a bit lacking in depth, and the story seemed to moving a bit quickly.

Essentially, the moral of the story is that people should not be defined by their economic circumstances – rich kids are not always nice and poor kids are not always drug dealers and down and outs. So the above being said I think Skater Boy is a good enough read.

Monday, 15 October 2012

As You Wish By Jackson Pearce Review

I loved this book. I was sucked into the story the moment I started reading it and just couldn't put it down. This was a fun and interesting story. I haven't really read many genie books, so it was a nice change and a fresh idea to me. Viola was an interesting character. She held out so long on making wishes, because she didn't want to just wish for something fake.I loved watching her and Jinn grow throughout the book. Not even that their relationship grew beyond genie and master, but that they each grew as individuals too. Jinn was an excellent character,totally loved him.Lawrence was also a very good character. I would love to have him as a friend. He was really down to earth and caring. He also seemed like he knew how to have fun without having to go to parties all the time. Really, all the characters in this novel were real and genuine and mostly I wanted to be friends with them.
The genie aspect of this story was beautifully woven in folklore about the whole genie myth.It was a well-developed story.
So if you want a fairly light and interesting read about something a little out of the ordinary, make sure you pick this one.

He Loves Me He Loves You Not By Lauren Hammond Review

Short, sweet and to the point, this is a good & quick.What I like most about this book is the great drama that is in it. There is no dragging things out but it all happens fast and to the point. Even though the book is small, it delivers what it is supposed to. An entertaining teen drama about loving and losing.

I like that each character is unique and fresh. They each have a distinct voice that you can read.

Riley is in love and having an affair with school hottie, Henry. Henry also loves Riley, but won’t break up with his long time girlfriend, Callie. It’s one big mess for Riley and she is breaking apart. All she wants to do is scream and shout at Henry that she is absolutely in love with him. But she lets it eat at her; lets him call the shots. She keeps it all a secret, even from her best friend. I got a bit irritated with Riley at some points. She let a boy get the best of her, but I thought it over and realized that this is what happens. This is the other woman’s side. She truly loves Henry, more than anything.

Now Henry. In the beginning you see him as a jerk that has to be using this poor girl and playing with her emotions. As you read, you learn things about him and you open your heart.

He Loves Me...He Loves You Not is an fast drama-filled book. Once you start, you can't stop. If your looking for a quick read about love and lost, read this book!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Signs Of Love - Love Match By Melody James Review

I really really enjoyed reading Love Match. this was one funny book if you ask me. It's about Gemma Stone, a 14-year-old aspiring journalist who ends up writing horoscopes for her school's webzine. While taking on the role of Jessica Jupiter, astrologer and matchmaker, she also helps her friends and saves an important piece of school architecture in the process. It appears lighthearted and flighty, but it's actually more serious that that, which surprised me. Another focus of Gemma's life is her younger brother Ben, who suffers from cystic fibrosis. His illness affects the whole family, and Gemma often has to help out with his physio and medication. It's an inspirational story for anyone in secondary school who's wondering what to do in the future. It shows that you have to keep trying. The romantic matchmaking elements add humour and boys to the story, making it even more reminiscent of being fourteen and not knowing what's in store. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that age! It's a feelgood, accurate portrayal of secondary school life, but it also has an air of maturity to it.

His Kiss By Melanie Marks Review

His Kiss by Melanie Marks is the story about Ally, who happens to have her perfect life just right. Until one day when she is bribed by the bad boy Griffin to kiss him to save her boyfriend out. After that kiss Ally’s world turns upside down. All she can think about is the kiss and Griffin’s lips. She begins to obsess over “The Griff,” and even leaves him anonymous gifts. She needs to fight her inner battles to see if she should be with the bad boy.

I thought this book was cute. It is what a lot of teen girls go through when dealing with someone they like (we are not too sure about the anonymous gifts, that was a little wierd.) I loved Griffin, his character was well developed and had my heart beating fast. I wasn't satisfied with the ending, it seemed kind of rushed. So If you are looking for a quick cute read, pick up His Kiss by Melanie Marks.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Stay With Me By Mayssam Kaado Review

This book was actually pretty good.Though it wasnt what I was expecting ,the twist and turns did manage to surprise me and I'm glad I stuck with it. The story is about Melanie,Jared and his brother Paul. Life hasnt been easy for Melanie ever since her sister Juliet passed away. After using drugs, and a fall from grace, she finally got her life back on track. But then, her past catches up with her. Melanie hasnt seen Jared for four years and now suddenly he is her next door neighbor. Though she is dating Ben , Mel has never stopped loving Jared. But the more she tries to get him to open up the more he backsoff until finally he gives in. Melanie has always been in Jared's head and heart. She never left even after they broke up. The reason he tries to keep his distance from Mel is because his life's a mess which he doesnt want Mel to be involved in.
To know more about the story go and get this book now!! Its definetly entertaining with a pinch of action, drama and a lot of romance. So those who want to enjoy a nice quick read I'd definetly recommend this one!

Falling For Romeo By Jennifer Laurens Review

This book was phenomenal, kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The author created a world you can picture in your mind , it was just fascinating. Falling for Romeo is one of those books able to put a smile on your face. It is a very cute book with an equally delightful plot.
Jennifer and John are too childhood friends who drifted apart in high school. John has become one of the most popular guys in school and all the girls seem to be in love with him, including Jennifer, even though she would never admit that.Then both John and Jennifer are cast as Romeo and Juliet in the school’s play and sparks fly between them.
This story left me with a smile on my face. Both Jennifer and John are great characters. They are sweet and caring and it is obvious they like each other but are, in the beginning, too stubborn to accept that and make a move. They dance around each other for a little while and their bickering is priceless.I liked the fact that even though John was quite popular he wasn’t a jerk. He didn’t exactly like all the attention he got, which only made him more interesting.I think John and Jennifer were a perfect match for each other. When they were kids their friendship was real and little by little they find a way of connecting again all while pretending they are Romeo and Juliet.They seem real and I couldn’t help but to want them to be together.
All in all, I think this is a very well-written book, that’s realistic and that’s able to make you smile. I do wish, though, that the book could have been longer. I just wanted more after I finished it! Definitely pick this one up, if you're wanting a fun, cute & lovable read.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Fragile By M.Leighton Review

The first thought that comes to mind when I consider FRAGILE is sweet. From beginning to end, this was a charming, thoughtful, and sweet story. With Hardy's wonderful attributes, I never found him boring, simply swoon-worthy. And Miracle. She is exactly as you would expect with a name like that. She walks into Hardy's life and shifts his entire world. She wakes him from a deep sleep. His entire world was orbiting around someone else's dream and Miracle inspires him to strive for the life he wants. She's practically perfect, but not in an off-putting way. Miracle just happens to know what's truly important, and doesn't let herself be bothered or distracted by the trivial.
The relationship that develops between them is so beautiful. I don't know how else to describe it. Hardy really sees Miracle for who she is and vice versa. Miracle is the first person to really see inside Hardy. He feels a comfort with her to be himself. It's just so sweet. The story also remindede me of the book/movie A WALK TO REMEMBER. I was so emotional at the end of the book, I was almost afraid to finish. This is such a beautiful story of love, hope, and faith. I highly recommend this book.

Fav Quote-

Idiot! Hardy thought. She knows you know her name. Now you just sound like a mental patient.

“Yes. I’m very serious. I refuse under threat of death to tell you that I’ve never been to a carnival,” she teased.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

What a Boy Needs By Nyrae Dawn Review

This book was simply AMAZING. Nyrae Dawn does a perfect job capturing the meaning of friendship, loyalty, love, and the struggles of finding you are and what you will fight for. There is so much love between each character. They practically scream family and their loyalty to each other is heart warming. I loved getting to know Jaden on a deeper level. It was nice and also very very sad to see behind the scenes in his life. I felt so bad for him also...I was ready to punch him too..lol stupid boy wouldn't open up!! Haha but I totally didn't blame him. I loved Jaden! This book was so cute and it totally had me from page one! If you are looking for a cute, funny, and all around really good quick read, this book is for you!

Fav quote-

Luckily, I see the girls coming to save me from Sebastian and anymore questions that I don't want to answer. They head to the back of the Explorer and I get an idea. I elbow Bastian who looks at me funny, but waits to see what I'm going to do. We keep facing the front. Once they finish getting whatever they needed, I hear the rear door close, I hit the button to make it pop open. One of the girls grabs it and closes it again. The second it clicks, I hit the open button again.

"What the heck?" I hear Aspen say. I can see Bastian biting his cheek so he doesn't laugh.

"Do it hard. Maybe you have to slam it?" Priscilla replies to her.

This time when they close it, it practically vibrates the Explorer they slam it so hard and my finger jabs the button making it pop open again.

"Jaden!" Priscilla yells, finally figuring out what's going on. "You dork!"

By now Bastian and I are rolling in the backseat we're laughing so hard. I have no idea how she knew it was me and not him, but it's funny as hell.

"Do it hard!" I toss back at her which makes Bastian start to laugh even harder.

Crazy Beautiful By Lauren Baratz-Logsted Review

Crazy Beautiful starts with Lucius telling us about himself and the situation he is in which is followed by Aurora telling us about hers. The chapters in the book keep alternating between Lucuis and Aurora. Each perspective moves the story along and doesn’t allow it to get stuck in just one scene.The story
actually starts on their first day of school. For the brief moment that they make eye contact in the school bus, Aurora and Lucius are connected.
Immediately, Lucius wishes to protect her from any harm and Aurora contemplates love at first sight. The moment passes once they get off bus; however, a glimmer of interest stays with them.

Aurora is beautiful and compassionate. Lucius is different and anti-social. Following her deceased mother’s advice, “you should be nice to everyone until a person gives you a reason not to be, and sometimes even then,” Aurora is nothing but pleasant to the hooked Lucius.The characters are honest and unlike other young adult novels out there, neither is portrayed as perfect. We get to read about both sides of this relationship. We see how one struggles with a secret while the other struggles to keep curiosity at bay and not find out what said secret is. Despite the fact that he has no arms, I thought that 

Lucius had a great sense of humor; as Aurora’s father put it: “The boy’s got spunk.” Aurora is easily sucked into the cool kids’ crowd but she isn’t completely brainwashed and still maintains her own personality and opinions. I loved that about her.
The story brings a positive idea to light: a person may be disabled, but the disability doesn’t make them any less human.