Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Falling Fast By Sophie McKenzie Review

River is 16 and looking to love and be loved. Along with her two best friends Emmi and Grace they go along to a local boys' school to audition for the female roles in Romeo and Juliet. Though River is a better actor than Emmi, when she sets her eyes on Romeo, played by Flynn, she is overcome with emotion and fluffs her test. Emmi secures Juliet and Grace and River get other parts in the play. Slowly River and Flynn begin a relationship but he is moody and swift to anger and River, though soon deeply in love, is not sure Flynn is her Romeo; what's with all his secrets and his intense personality?
Falling Fast charts a passionate but fragile relationship between the insecure River and Flynn and shows the difference between expectation and reality.This is quite a fast paced book which depicts teenagers as they really are. It shows that love never runs smooth and how every relationship has difficulties. Overall Falling Fast is a fun, light read and a good start to Sophie McKenzie’s new series.