Sunday, 4 November 2012

Finale By Becca Fitzpatrick Review

Finale is Becca Fitzpatrick's end to the Hush, Hush series, one that has been quite a thrilling tale. Nora is now in charge of the Nephilim. After killing Hank i.e her biological father, she's in charge since she swore an oath that cannot be broken without some serious consequences.Despite some of the miscomings of Nora, the storyline was pretty good. She's training to lead the Nephilim and trying to keep her relationship with Patch secrets and thriving. But then there's also the fact that Vee is keeping her own secrets from Nora and that Marcie has decided she is moving in with Nora.

When it comes to series endings, you have your own expectations. I'd say Hush Hush is my favorite, only because Patch gets too serious about Nora in the other books. he doesn't tease her, and I really loved the teasing part about Patch. The ending was not without tears though. There were some definite shockers to occur in that last chapter before the epilogue. I know I was crying non-stop during the climax. Just to give you a little spoiler it would be (someone dies...sshhh) And I was kind of pissed because I would have wanted that someone to have a happy ending too and also because I loved that character a lot. But anyways, overall, the WHOLE series added with the events and ending of Finale was amazing.

Some of my fav quotes -

I hitched my thumb at the stairs. “I’m going to my room to bang my head against the wall a few thousand times. Anything has to be better than this.”

“I saw you, and I wanted to be close to you. I wanted you to let me in. I wanted to know you in a way no one else did. I wanted you, all of you. That wanting nearly drove me mad.” Patch paused, inhaling softly, as though breathing me in. “And now that I have you, the only thing that terrifies me is having to go back to that place. Having to want you all over again, with no hope of my desire ever being fulfilled. You’re mine, Angel. Every last piece of you. I won’t let anything change that.”

“You dress to impress," I said approvingly.
"No, Angel." He leaned in, his teeth softly grazing my ear. "I undress to impress.”