Thursday, 8 November 2012

Epic Fail By Claire Lazebnik Review

Epic Fail was a fun read.The story is told from Elise's point of view. She's the second oldest in the family, with Juliana being the oldest. When Julianne nearly immediately bonds with Chase, that leaves Elise to tag along with the two and Chase's best friend, Derek. Derek is not only rich, but the son of a very famous movie star. As Derek and Elise wouldn't have normally found themselves in each others company, it's really funny to watch their relationship develop from snarky an witty to hilarious and cute. Elise wastes no time making judgments on who and what she thinks Derek is and Derek makes no real effort to dispel her image of him.

Being the good sister that she is, Elise sticks with Juliana and helps her when things get rough with Chase. It's heartbreaking to watch Juliana so distraught when her character is such a good soul. She is so trusting and loving that you just want to pummel whoever has hurt her. I loved the sisterly bond they shared. It was almost enough to make me wish I had a sister of my own.This re-telling of Pride and Prejudice is a fun, flirty and flat out hilarious at times. I enjoyed it from beginning to end an would recommend it to any Pride and Prejudice fan.