Author Jannat Bhat

Title: A Love Lost In Translation
Author: Jannat Bhat
Genre: Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Published By - Wattpad

It is quite simple to fall in love with someone  you've known all your life. Or say someone from the same state. Or even the same country.

But do you know what happens when you fall for someone who has lived all his life half the way across the globe from you? Someone with a different upbringing, different religion and language.
It's definitely not a walk in the park, that much I can assure you.

The worst part? Figuring out if he, if we, were worth it all.

Falling in love is easy, but staying in love, that is the real struggle.

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Title: Reckless Romance… (Reckless Romance #1)
Author: Jannat Bhat
Series: Reckless Romance Book 1
Genre: Adult Fiction, Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: February 14, 2019

“You have no idea. This is going to be one of the fireworks that the world is going to stop and watch.”

I stay rooted to the spot. He leans towards me and whispers in my ears, “It’s been nice knowing you, Violet. Maybe in another life, things will be simple. Where we didn’t have to end this way.”

My eyes dart to his hand on the remote and I see him close his eyes and almost press the button.

“I’m sorry. But I can’t let you do this.” I say and pull the trigger.

When I first saw him, I hadn’t paid much attention.

 Sure, he was cute, my heart skipped a beat every time he smiled at me. His mesmerizing brown eyes held me at their mercy. I could look into their depth for the rest of my life. Our connection was more than a chance encounter. It was fate.

 Forever and always.

 I wanted that with him. But I should have known better. People like me don’t get happy endings. I was terrified that he would leave me. But instead, I left. I would always be the one to leave.

 But I made a terrible mistake. One that would cost us both our lives.
I fell in love with him. And he loved me right back

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Debut Release Love Revisited By Jannat Bhat

Title : Love REVISITED
Author : Jannat Bhat
Paperback, 150 pages
Published May 4th 2017
ISBN : 9781546472087
Edition Language : English 
 Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Reincarnation

Rose Scarlet is your everyday girl just finishing college with her best friends Will & Aimee. But when she suddenly moves all the way across the country to a small town called Beacon Hill, normal was a thing of the past, for the city felt eerily familiar to her. 

How could she end up at the local park without directions when this was the first time she had step foot into town? How will she explain her irrational fears or feelings so strong for someone who is practically a stranger or is he? What was the story behind the burnt house? She felt like her heart wanted to cry every time she was near it.

And who was Alexander Sinclair? She could see that he was disturbingly beautiful, but how did she know things he had revealed to no one? Why had she seen his face in her dreams before ever laying eyes on him? A thousand more questions haunted her as she found the answers to none. 

 Not until charming and handsome Nathan Sinclair walks into her life, whom she hated on sight.

Sometimes when something we love is so brutally taken away from us, our soul remembers what our mind is too afraid to.


Jannat loves to write about myths and legends in a certain perspective. Love REVISITED is her debut novel and very close to her heart.
Reckless Romance is her second book dealing with more somber topics. When she's not writing, she will mostly be found couped up watching Supernatural, obsessing over Korean Drama and snuggled up with her cat Sasha, whom she loves just as dearly.
A Love Lost In Translation is her first Wattpad story and inspired by true incidents.

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