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***Book Review*** One Month Only (Tuscany Nights #1) By Kate J. Blake


I’m a billionaire, I’m a chaser, I’m a wolf. I worked too hard to get where I am now, so I don’t need any distractions, especially the one called LOVE.

Don't get me wrong, I love and enjoy sex, but all I need to do to have a fuck is to show a woman my Amex Black Card and let her hear my Italian accent and here we go: a one-night stand guaranteed.

Everything worked just fine for me until a chance meeting with her —Angelica Sorreno — when she came back into my life. She is like a strong, terrifying tsunami that blows everything in its way.

She asked me for help and I agreed, but only because we were friends, and not because I used to have feelings for her.

It’s just that...

I’ve made a mistake, a huge one: I’ve tasted her and she happened to have the most delicious pussy I've ever tried.

Now I don’t think I can let her go that easily.

3/5 Stars


Thank you to the author for providing me the ARC for an honest review.

Before I start on that, I'd like to congratulate Kate Blake on her debut novel. Being a writer myself, I know the kind of hard work and sleepless nights that go into making this literary baby.

Coming to the book, One Month Only is the story of Ricardo and Angie. I really like that fact that we have a dual POV that let's you in on what's going on in the minds of our MCs. There was hot chemistry between them, the story line was great and based in Tuscany giving the reader a tour of the beautiful place right from the comfort of the living room.

Although I would have liked the MC's to have more depth in terms of their feelings and would have preferred to have acted a bit more mature considering their age and the ending could have been stretched out in terms of the drama rather than end so suddenly, it didn't stop me from reading it in one sitting.

One Month Only was short, lighthearted and sweet with a cliffhanger that has me reaching towards the sequel.

***Book Release*** A Little Pill Called Love By Jas T. Ward

Title: A Little Pill Called Love
Author: Jas T. Ward
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 11, 2020
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing

A quirky character in her own colorful world. A man who struggles to see beyond black and white. With heartbreak and healing, A Little Pill Called Love is just the prescription for a little laughter, twists to heal, and a love that demands to be heard.
Rylie Marshall has blue, green, yellow, and a mixture of pills that made her "normal." But her idea of normal and what her mother or society wanted her to be never seemed to match up.
She lives day-by-day in a fantasy land within her own troubled head and books. Reading was her escape whenever even her head denied her such a haven. So, how was she to know that one day, sitting on the beach, a book would show her the one thing she didn't have, but might change her life…
Mike Newport had white, yellow, and striped pills that made him capable of being one of the most cut-throat corporate marketing advisers his clients could have. Not even a life-changing tragedy could slow him down.
His days and most nights were spent with his head buried in flow charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. Busy was the best way--the heart could easily be ignored as it was dying inside his chest.
The last thing he needed was a vacation, but how was he to know that a carefree girl, playing in the waves and talking to the birds might give him the one thing he had been avoiding…

From bestselling author Jas T. Ward comes a touching, quirky, fun, and gritty read—A Little Pill Called Love, rebranded, edited, and published by Hot Tree Publishing.

Welcome to my worlds, take a seat, get to know me and the characters and I assure you… You’ll be glad you did.” ~Jas T Ward
Born and raised in Texas, Ward is a mixed bag of creativity spinning tales of paranormal, urban fantasy and even dark romance and horror; wrapped within a love story. She’s been dared to write a few contemporary romances but even those reads have characters that are real and twisted by their creator. 
Mother of three diverse and independent bold children, Ward prides herself for being the “Queen Niche’ B!tch” which is a handy way of saying she sucks writing to market. 
But her readers don’t seem to mind.

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***Release Blast*** What She Concealed (Concealed #1) By Jannat Bhat

Introducing the first book in the Concealed Series - What She Concealed by Jannat Bhat. 
Have a look below!

Title: What She Concealed (Concealed #1)
Author: Jannat Bhat 
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 10, 2020

Summary :

***This book has been revised as a high school romance.***

“I missed you.” She said softly, eyes heavy with sleep. “Don’t let go, Julian.”

“Give me a reason, Elly. One reason for holding on.” He said.

She took hold of Julian’s arm and drew him closer. “Us.” She whispered.

Eliana Bennett was about to start her first day as a senior at Imperial High. But the beginning of her day wasn’t good because an arrogant grey-eyed guy from the wrong side of town, provoked her and she couldn’t resist challenging him instead.

Julian Rivera hadn’t expected to meet this feisty dark-haired girl in the middle of his game before he started his year at Imperial High. But when he found her to be a fellow classmate, he just had to prank her.

Julian and Eliana began their acquaintance with screaming matches and mischief which changed after he truly fell in love with her. But Eliana had no plans of pursuing a relationship. She had to work hard and focus on her grades to make her father, Jonathan Bennett, the headmaster of Imperial High, proud. Julian’s appearance in her life complicated things.

After an argument between them topped all others, Julian went AWOL and back to the life he had long left behind. Eliana had a tough time getting to terms with her feelings but once she had, she wouldn’t let Julian go without a fight.

The question remained, will her love bring Julian back or was it too late? The demons he had run away from, had they coveted him as their own? 


“Truth or Dare? And stop with the truths. It’s getting dull already.” Julian said.

“If you say so, bro.” Carter said, wanting the game to be more fun. “Dare.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Julian said excitedly. “I want you to go and get that’s girl’s number.” He said pointing behind Carter at a blonde woman with pretty hair standing in the distance. It was the same receptionist who had been on duty that morning. Eliana rolled her eyes.

“What! Are you serious?” Carter was surprised that Julian would ask that. “Wouldn’t it be easier for you to do it? I mean just look at you, she’d give you her address in a blink.”

“Address and much more.” Eliana muttered.

“Easy for me, not you. What did you expect? This game isn’t supposed to be easy. Haven’t you seen the movie?” Julian asked.

“He’s right about that.” Naomi supported. “A dare is something you wouldn’t do willingly.”

“True that,” Mia said.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” Carter stood up and made his way to the woman even though he was freaked that she might stake him alive. But he worried in vain and since he pointed towards Julian, she quickly scribbled her number on a paper napkin and handed it to Carter giving Julian a naughty wink. Carter came back to his friends with the number in his hands.

“There. Phew. I did it.” He gave it to Julian, who took it graciously and pocketed it. Eliana looked at Julian with distaste. Such a player, she huffed silently.

“You did. I’m proud of you.” Mia encouraged Carter giving him a high-five.

Carter spun the bottle next and it stopped at Eliana and Julian. “Well, well, Bennett. Truth or Dare?” He asked with a gleam in his eyes. Eliana was about to pick truth but she didn’t want to be predictable and knew that is exactly what Julian was expecting. Jax came back and sat down next to her without a word. None of the others asked him anything, all intent on Eliana’s answer.

“Dare.” She chose. Julian was amused at the way he could provoke her with just a look.

“You sure you don’t want to choose the truth? Because you know, you seem the type.” He commented as she narrowed her eyes.

“You know nothing of my type. Dare.” She repeated, not wanting to give him the satisfaction to goad her.

“In that case, I want you to go up to the third floor to room 325 and spend at least twenty minutes in there,” Julian said.

“Julian, I don’t think it’s safe to go in there,” Mia said looking concerned. “Why not?” Naomi questioned.

“Haven’t you heard?” Carter worried. “It’s haunted.”

“Haunted how?” Jax asked.

“It is believed to be the most haunted room in the hotel, and many guests have reported seeing the figure of a woman standing outside the door. People have witnessed faucets turning on by themselves, lights flickering, and the sound of a baby crying being heard. Employees and guests of the hotel believe Bridget Bishop is source of these paranormal encounters you know, the first victim of the witch trials.” Eliana looked spooked already, as did the other two girls.

Jax looked at his sister. “You don’t have to do this El. You can refuse.”

“Yeah El, you don’t have to do this,” Julian smirked at her.

“But how would she go in without a key card?” Naomi asked.

“About that.” Julian stood up and went to the receptionist whose number rested in his jeans pocket. Eliana saw him flash a million dollar smile at her and she could literally see the result it had on the woman who struggled with breathing. They both left the lounge together.
“Did he just walked out on us to get hooked up in the middle of a game?” Mia asked.

“I’m not sure.” Carter said. “Let’s wait and see.” They didn’t wait long because Julian came back minutes later looking smug. “Bro, what was that?”

“That.” Julian said producing a key card to room 325. “Was me getting this.”

“Wow.” Naomi looked impressed. “Was she even allowed to do this?”

“Don’t know, don’t care.” Julian shrugged.

“You’re the man, bro.” Carter said, slapping Julian on the back.

Eliana stood up. “Alright then, I’m doing this and I don’t scare easy anymore, Jax.” She snatched the card from Julian started to walk out towards the elevator. “If I don’t come back in twenty minutes, maybe get help.” She muttered on the way. “Wait.” Julian called out. Eliana turned at his voice. “No using the elevators.” She cursed him under her breath.

She was on the second floor stairwell when Eliana starting to freak out. She heard all kinds of sounds, even the hotel seemed to be conspiring against her. She swept her bangs aside and tried to calm down. The lamps caused shadows and all she could see was scary monsters that hid under her bed. She jerked around when she heard sudden taps or bangs coming from the walls. She prayed to God to spare her from dying a gruesome ghostly death and cursed herself for leaving her phone behind at the table. This is all Julian’s fault, she started to take slow steps forward once she reached the third floor. She heard light footsteps coming towards her, heart racing she closed her eyes tight so didn’t see the female ghost Cater had mentioned. The steps came closer and then stopped. She let out a sigh of relief when she bumped into something and screamed her heart out. So did the person she had bumped into. Julian.

“Julian! What are you doing here?” She said when she could breathe again.

“What do think? I was looking for you.” He said.

“Why did you scream then?” She asked. Is he as scared as I am? She wondered. He didn’t seem the kind to be scared of anything.

“Have you seen your face? You look even scarier in this light. I’m going to have nightmares for weeks. This is what I get for rescuing you.” He shook his head as if it was the worst decision he had made.

“Why did you come? I didn’t ask you to.” She defended herself.

“Yeah well, I didn’t want to hear Jax and the others continue to blame me if you ended up dead out here. So you know, it was self-defense.” He shrugged casually. “I don’t want you to haunt my ass in case I stay here in the future.”

“Such a gallant knight you are.” She said sarcastically and opened the stairwell door ignoring him.

About The Author:

Jannat loves to watch anything from movies to tv shows about myths and legends surrounding romance in a certain perspective. She absolutely adores reading about sexy heroes and sassy heroines.

When she's not writing, she will mostly be found day dreaming and snuggled up with her cat Sasha, whom she loves dearly.

A Love Lost In Translation is her first Wattpad story and inspired by true incidents. 

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***Book Blitz*** Love under Lockdown: Heart-stirring Sweet Romance Isolationship stories

Love under Lockdown: Heart-stirring Sweet Romance Isolationship stories
Published by: Enchanted Quill Press
Publication date: July 1st 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Enchanted Quill Romance is thrilled to present this huge anthology of sweet romantic shorts guaranteed to warm your heart.
This collection features 25 short stories about finding love while locked down in one place. It has a wide variety of all your favorite tropes including:
Friends to lovers
Second chance
Enemies to lovers
Forbidden love
And so much more. Laugh, cry, sigh and swoon during this beautiful collection of short stories by sweet romance authors handpicked by Enchanted Quill Romance.
This heart-stirring boxset is a limited edition, so pick it up now to avoid missing out.
Only 99¢ for a limited time!
Cowboys & Thunderstorms – Jacqueline Winters
“Did you need me to help with something, Lina?”
Only Grams’ favorite hands could call her by her first name. How Ty had wriggled his way up on that list in the few short months he’d worked at the Holbrook Ranch was still a mystery to Kate. She blamed it on that sickeningly sweet charm he wielded so well.
“As a matter of fact, Kate needs you to ride with her out to the north pasture to look for Melvin.”
Ty chuckled. “Never should’ve named that calf.”
Kate shot him a glare, quite certain the depth of her revulsion was readable. “Really, Shadow and I can handle this. Can’t we, girl?” She hoped Shadow would let out a bark in confirmation, but the dog merely glanced between the three—either waiting for direction or to see if anyone was hiding a treat in their hands.
“I’ll come with you,” Ty said, tone suggesting his mind was already made up. “Storm’s close. Better for you not to go out there alone, Kate. You might get stranded.”
“Oh, he’s right!” Grams clapped her hands against her jean-clad thighs. “Wait here a quick minute.” She scurried into the house before Kate could object.
“Stranded?” She narrowed her eyes at Ty. “I have this under control. It’s just a calf.”
“It’s Melvin.”
Love on the Run – Lorana Hoopes
“Graham, this is Ginny. She’s just arrived in town, and she needs a job. A little birdie told me you were looking for some help.”
“I see.” Graham looked at the woman across from him. She appeared clean but mousy. Her eyes flicked only briefly to his before dropping again to her lap. “Do you have any restaurant experience, Ginny?”
A slender hand reached up and tucked a strand of her brown hair behind her ears. “Um, a little. I worked at a fast food restaurant when I first graduated high school.” Her voice was soft and hesitant.
“And how long ago was that?”
Her eyes met his briefly. “Six years ago.”
“Have you worked anywhere since?” Tia asked as if hoping she might get more out of the girl.
The girl shook her head once. “I haven’t been allowed to.”
“What do you mean you haven’t been allowed to?” Tia took the words right out of Graham’s mind.
Ginny looked up and met Tia’s questioning eyes. “For the last few years, I’ve been living with someone. He didn’t let me get a job.”



***Book Blitz*** Princess Bachelorette: An Exclusive Selection of Princess Bachelorette Stories

Princess Bachelorette: An Exclusive Selection of Princess Bachelorette Stories
Published by: Enchanted Quill Press
Publication date: July 1st 2020
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult
Your favorite fairytale love stories, but not how you remember them…
Enchanted Quill Press takes you on a journey to far away lands and kingdoms that need an heir to continue their reign.
Come on a journey to meet the fairytale princesses you know and love and find out how they met their love match in these never seen before retellings.
With a matchmaking competition to win the heart of the princess, this set will leave you wondering, will she choose her Prince Charming?
Only 99¢ for a limited time!



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***Book Blitz*** Stolen Bride: A Dark Mafia Romance Prequel By C. Hallman & J.L. Beck

Stolen Bride: A Dark Mafia Romance Prequel
C. Hallman & J.L. Beck
Publication date: June 19th 2020
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Romance
Stole in the dead of the night I forged her signature on an unbreakable contract.
She would become my wife.
She would give me a heir.
She would help me destroy her father and get my revenge.
**This is a prequel to Savage Beginnings which is a +125,000 words standalone dark mafia romance novel.**

Author Bio:
J.L. Beck is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, she has written over fifty different romance novels. She started her journey of writing back in 2014 and hasn't slowed down a second since then.
She's captivated by real romance, and loves reading about strong "ALPHA" males, as well as sassy heroines that know or may not know what they want. She is best known for delivering a happily ever after but has ended things on a cliffhanger a time or two.
When she's not typing away at her next book you can find her being a mom to her two adorable kiddos and wife to her high school sweetheart.
She's obsessed with Starbucks, social media, and is definitely more of a dog person than cat.
Author links:
Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
Born and raised in Germany, Cassandra moved to the United States when she was eighteen. She always had a love for reading, that love slowly transpired into writing. She put fingers to the keyboard and started writing about the dark side of romance.
Cassandra is one half of the international bestselling author duo Beck & Hallman, who are most knows for the writing the Northwood University series.
The pair also write under the pen name Jenna Reed.
Author links:
Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Bookbub / Instagram


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***Cover Reveal*** Full Tilt Boogie By Leslie Scott

Full Tilt Boogie
Leslie Scott
Publication date: July 22nd 2020
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Breanna Casey has only ever wanted two things in life: to race and to get the hell out of Arkadia, Texas. Stifled beneath her family’s turbo-charged reputation, she’s got her thumb firmly on the self-destruct button. A night of hyper-driven racing and rebellion leads to a one night stand with the one guy who knows how to press all her buttons: Noah McKay.
Torn apart by the toll of his high-intensity enlistment in the Marines and guilt-ridden by what he’s seen, Noah McKay left the military to find peace. A chance encounter sends him working for the parents of a raven-haired Amazon goddess with a tongue that cuts sharper than any knife. Quiet is the last thing he’ll get. Finally, she gets her chance.
Calloway Racing wants her to drive for them. But that’s not all they want. A good friend of her father’s, Calloway insists she take Noah along for the ride. Suddenly, her dreams are feeling more like a nightmare. Will they be able to help each other, maybe even find love, when living life full tilt boogie?

Author Bio:
Award nominated author of Two Hearts, One Stone and the Arkadia Fast Series, Leslie Scott has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. The happier the ending, the better. Currently, she lives and writes amidst her own happily ever after with her soul mate, son, and domestic zoo.