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***Release Blitz for BE MY TEMPTATION by Rachel Brookes***

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Title: Be My Temptation
Series: Book 2 of The Crawford Brothers (can be read as a standalone).
Author: Rachel Brookes
Release Date: June 29th 2015



One night connected them. One decision separated them. One craving tempted them. Ashlyn Hart was done with men, or at least those outside of her books. After stupidly falling for the charms of her cheating ex and having her heart broken yet again, she decided to create a new life. One that involved a career change, a new wardrobe, and the possibility of moving abroad. There was just one hurdle: the confident, stubborn and insanely-tempting Josh Crawford. Josh Crawford hid behind the cliché bachelor lifestyle and a never-ending parade of women. He knew the game and played it well, but the night he tasted perfection four years ago never left him. Back then, he made a spur of the moment decision, one that he has battled with ever since. But beneath the playboy façade was a yearning that wouldn’t disappear. A craving for the only woman who could bring him to his knees: Ashlyn Hart. Two weeks changes everything. One night unravels the deepest of desires. A simple taste unleashes memories that can’t be tamed. When the girl who dreams of a happily ever after collides with the guy who lives the ultimate cliffhanger, what ending awaits them? Will fear overshadow love? Will the 
past play hindrance to the future, or will temptation conquer it all?

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About The Author

Rachel Brookes is the author of The Breathe Series and The Crawford Brothers and lives on the east coast of Australia where beaches, kangaroos and surfers roam free. She spends her days writing stories that contain a dash of drama, a cup of romance, a spoonful of sexiness and delicious men to season. She is crazy for The Walking Dead, a fan of long island iced teas, a cupcake creator and a lover of book boyfriends. Rachel sometimes forgets to eat, sleep has become non-existent and more often than not she can’t remember the last time she cleaned her apartment, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. When she steps away from her laptop, you’ll find her reading, people watching, taking photos and planning her next big adventure. She is also obsessed with social media, so come say hi.

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***Cover Reveal*** Scars Run Deep by Helen Boswell

Scars Run Deep by Helen Boswell 
Publication date: September 22nd 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult


Good things generally don’t happen to me.

And if they do, it’s not long before something comes around and bites me in the ass. Ten-fold. 

Jase Moretti has been running from a tragedy in his past for almost his entire life. Now at twenty-three years old, he finally has everything going for him – the promise of an exciting career and an engagement ring in his pocket ready to propose to the girl of his dreams. But when his path crosses with Elle Garcia’s during one reckless night in Vegas, he’s forced to revisit his past and the tragedy that he was responsible for. Jase has the rare opportunity to right the wrongs in his life, but in order to do it, he has to help Elle, the girl he’s hated for thirteen years.

A chance meeting.
A chance for redemption.
A chance for his scars to heal.

But Jase’s scars run deeper than he thinks, and he isn’t the only one with old wounds. As he learns more about Elle, he discovers he has to make a choice. Give up his perfect life or keep living the perfect lie?


Helen Boswell loved to get lost in the pages of a story from the time she could sound out the words. Originally from upstate New York, Helen spent much of her early adult life tromping around in Buffalo, NYC, Toronto, and Las Vegas, those cities now serving as inspiration for the dark and gritty urban backdrops of her stories. An author of both urban fantasy and contemporary romance, she loves to read and write characters that come to life with their beauty, flaws, and all.

Helen dedicates her time to raising her family of two boys, teaching college students, and of course, writing. 

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***Book Blitz***The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer

The Witches of BlackBrook by Tish Thawer 
(The Witches of BlackBrook #1) 
Published by: Amber Leaf Publishing
Publication date: June 23rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal Romance


Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.
Three sisters escape the Salem witch trials when the eldest casts a spell that hurdles their souls forward through time. After centuries separated, fate has finally reunited them in the present day.

One the healer, one the teacher, and one the deceiver.

Will their reunion return their full powers, or end their souls journey forever?
A Witches of BlackBrook novel.

Author Interview

When and why did you begin writing?
In 2010 I woke up from a dream and had the title of my first book running through my head. Minutes later, I knew the other two titles, and had the entire story-line of The Rose Trilogy all worked out.

Who encouraged you or what made you decide to write a novel and seek publication?
I’ve been a member of Shelfari since 2007, and was asked to become a Librarian for them after putting in countless hours of editing. Being so emerged in books and seeing all the wonderful series on a daily basis while working in the backend of the site, to say that books had become my life, was an understatement. I’m now one of 13 Librarians for the hundreds of thousands of members, as well as one of it’s top 50 editors.

What drew you to write Paranormal Romance?
I always go back to the phrase, “Write what you know.” And while my genre is considered paranormal for the unrealistic and fantastical elements, it’s what I know. It’s what I prefer to read and what I’ve studied in my actual life. ( case you’re wondering, yes, I’m a witch.)

Of all your characters, who’s your favorite, and why?
Raven. She’s tough but sensitive, sexy but tom-boyish, and has a wicked sense of humor and a sharp tongue.

What would you love to write someday but haven’t yet?
I started a contemporary romance trilogy that I’d love to return to. I just have to figure out how to write it without someone getting bitten and turning into a vampire or werewolf. LOL

Were books a big part of your life growing up? If so, what books would you say influenced you most as a child? My mother was the reader in the family and to this day, she teases me about how it took thirty some years for me to finally catch on.

What are two things people might be surprised to know about you?
I’m 44, have 16 tattoos, and cuss like a sailor. (Sorry, Grandma.)
I started teaching dance when I was 15 years old.

When you’re not writing, what do you enjoy doing?
Watching TV and movies, and playing games with my family.

Three things always found in your refrigerator:
Stuffed olives, Soda, Cheese

Writing is often a sedentary profession. Is there anything you do to beat stress and keep in shape?
I hike and exercise in my home, and dance as often as possible.

You’re in line at Starbucks. What are you ordering?
Java Chip Frap with Whip or a Caramel Apple Spice

Where do you go when you need to recharge?
Sedona, AZ or back home to Colorado.



Tish Thawer writes paranormal romances for all ages. Her magickal elements and detailed world-building are a welcome constant in every novel.

Before becoming a writer she worked as a computer consultant, a photographer and a graphic designer. She also operates a custom glass etching business, in addition to being a wife and the mother of three wonderful children.

She's been a fan of the paranormal for as long as she can remember. Anything to do with superpowers, myth and magic has always held a special place in her heart. From her first paranormal cartoon, Isis, to the phenomenon that is Twilight, this genre has always been a part of her life.

You can find Tish on Facebook at

A common FAQ: "How do you pronounce her last name?"

Answer: Think "Bower" or "Thow-er". It's Persian!

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***Cover Reveal***Play It Again by Ashley Stoyanoff (PRG Investigations, #2)

Play It Again by Ashley Stoyanoff 
(PRG Investigations, #2) 
Publication date: August 4th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance


Ten days ago, someone threw a brick through my front window. Nine days ago, someone keyed my truck right in my driveway. Eight days ago, someone spray painted the words ‘stay away’ across my garage door. That one really pissed me off. The jerk didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me what the hell I need to stay away from.
Each day it’s something new, a new piece of my property vandalized, and I’ve had enough.
Wanting a security system, something with cameras so I can catch the vandal, I let my best friend hook me up with her cousin, a private investigator with the PRG Investigations team.
His name is Vance and I’ve secretly been in love with him for three years. He’s a badass, a little scary, incredibly hot, and he’s never showed an interest in me … until now.

Ashley Stoyanoff is an author of paranormal romance books for young adults, including The Soul's Mark series and the Deadly Trilogy. She lives in Southern Ontario with her husband, Jordan, and two cats: Tanzy and Trinity.

In July 2012, Ashley published her first novel, The Soul's Mark: FOUND, and shortly thereafter, she was honored with The Royal Dragonfly Book Award for both young adult and newbie fiction categories.

An avid reader, Ashley enjoys anything with a bit of romance and a paranormal twist. When she's not writing or devouring her latest read, she can be found spending time with her family, watching cheesy chick flicks or buying far too many clothes.

Ashley loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to connect with her online.

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***Release Day Blitz***Compulsion and Addiction (Magnetic Desires) Author: Misti Murphy

compulsion and addiction release day

Release Day Blitz


Book Title: Compulsion and Addiction (Magnetic Desires) 
Author: Misti Murphy 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: June 24, 2015 
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

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Book Blurb

Stranded in the friend zone, Orion Lance has been in love with his best friend Clo since high school and unable to work out how to get her to see him as more.

After catching her husband cheating, Clo turns to her best friend Orion for support, only to find he wants more than she’s willing to give.

While Orion shows her that not all men are pricks, and not all roses have thorns, Clo must find a way to let go of the past and open up to a second chance at love.

Birdie Lance isn’t a victim. She’s an idiot who let a boy get too close. At least that’s how she sees it. It's easy to not make the same mistake again — she doesn’t let anyone in anymore.

After the accident, Dr. Drake Barclay threw himself into his obstetrics practice, and uses boxing to keep the demons at bay. A recovering addict, he is barely existing, until he meets the bombshell who pushes all his buttons.

Two people coping with the traumatic scars of their past find an irresistible bond that may just heal them both.


"Then I’ll take tonight." Sliding a hand under her shirt to pull her flush against me, I reached behind her and unlocked the door. Her skin was smooth satin under my fingertips. Not willing to give her another chance to change her mind, I owned her mouth, tangling our tongues together and tasting the salty tang of the tequila we'd shared earlier. A soft gasp wisped between us, then her hands were tangled in my hair, her body pressing into mine. Turning the door handle, I sent us crashing into the house, only our tight embrace and the wall keeping us from stumbling to the floor. The way she clung to me made me smile. She might say she didn't trust men; that she couldn't trust her heart to anyone, but it wasn't true. Not when she was with me.

Settling both hands on the small of her back, the dip of her spine under my fingers, I continued my exploration of her mouth. Despite her tentative, fluttering movements, I could sense the wildness in her, the desperation I would pull from her.

Waltzing my lips along her jaw, I left a trail down her throat to her collarbone. When I sucked the fragile skin into my mouth, clamping my teeth around it, she shuddered and let out a low moan. The bitterness of her perfume danced on my tongue, but it was the dark flushing of her skin that had me grinning. It was the first of many times I would mark her as mine, even if it were the only one she would physically see. For days to come, when she looked in the mirror and saw my mark on her skin she'd be pulled back to this night and her body would ache for me.

Desperate hands tugged at my shirt, and I whipped it over my head, discarding it while she struggled with my belt. Catching her hands in one of mine, I undid the buckle and pulled it free, undoing the snaps on my jeans. "In a hurry, babe?"

"Did you forget, I've seen your package? What girl wouldn't be in a hurry to find out if it's as good as it looks."

"You've seen my…" I raised an eyebrow as I searched my mind for that particular memory. "…package?"

She nodded, her lip slightly curved. "I always wondered…"

"What did you wonder?" I gripped her chin and skirted my lips over hers.

"Even flaccid, it looked…too big. How do you fuck a girl with a weapon like that?"


It was dark when I woke, and I rolled onto my back to see the flashing light on my phone. Picking it up, I stared at the screen. I can’t stop thinking about how you melted when I kissed you. I know you’re scared, but I’m not going to let you go.

I threw my phone down on the bed. I wasn’t going to answer. He’d get the hint and leave me alone. Chewing my lip, I snatched it up. You can’t have me. I’m too screwed up.

My phone beeped seconds later as his next message came through. Everyone’s screwed up, Birdie. I always get what I want.

Sitting up, I turned on the light. How was I supposed to reply to that? Not this time.

In the kitchen I made a cup of tea and read Mellie’s note she’d made out of magnets on the fridge. She never had trouble telling me when she was going out on the town. I remembered watching her cut out the words and glue magnets to the back when she first moved in. Of course, a few of them were code words, but they were the ones I found on the fridge in the morning after she’d had a big night out. Savoring the heat of the cup in my palms, I went out onto the deck. As hard as I stared at my phone, his next message wasn’t coming through. Maybe he’d given up. I hunched over as my chest tightened, and sipped my tea. Couldn’t he have tried a little harder?

My phone vibrated on the table, and I picked it up. I can see that this isn’t easy for you, but I am going to have you, all of you. And when you finally give in, I am going to own that mouth of yours, that body, and your soul. You will belong to me and only me.

What the hell? I crossed my legs as heat poured through me. He already owned my mouth. His kiss had assured I’d never want to kiss another man again, and I could only imagine what he wanted to do to my body. Wasn’t that the reason I didn’t want to see him again? But, my soul?

Did he want me to fall in love with him? I bit my lip. I was attracted to him in the most primitive of ways, but I had never been in love, and I didn’t plan to start now. Besides, he’d said it himself. He wasn’t the type of man who was interested in a relationship.

I don’t do sex. I texted back and sat my phone on the table. A minute later, it rang, and I answered.

"You don’t do sex, huh?"

"Nope." I chewed my thumbnail.

"Give me your address, and I’ll show you just how much you do sex, darlin’."

"You’re kidding, right?"

"No," he growled. "I fucking want you. You’ve had me hard all day, woman, and from the way you looked at me after I kissed you, I know you want me too."

"I’m not having sex with you," I argued, and gave him my address anyway.

He chuckled. "You may fight it, but deep down you know it’s only a matter of time before you give in."

"Not going to happen." I hung up on him, and he didn’t call back.

My cup empty, I turned off the lights and made my way back to bed in the dark. The thundering roar of a motorcycle filled the silence, and then it was gone. I released the breath I’d been holding. It wasn’t him. He wasn’t coming.

The knock on the door startled me and I jumped. I was wrong, he was here, and I was in more trouble than I’d ever been in before, because as much as I told him I didn’t want him, I did, and it wouldn’t be long before he broke through what control I had left. He was already too close. I opened the door, and he pushed his way inside, gathering me into his arms. His mouth held mine captive while he squeezed my ass. Sucking my bottom lip between his teeth, he pulled my mouth open so he could slip his tongue inside, and I met him tentatively as he backed me up against the wall. His demands thrilled, sending heat through me, and I pressed into him.

Sparks shot through my skin, pooled in my belly, and soaked my panties. My breath fell heavily with each rasp of his tongue against mine, and each flex of his fingers on my ass. Winding my arms around his neck, I pushed my hips up to his and felt his hard bulge between us. I was staggered by how quickly I succumbed to him. My insides quivered and grew tight until I couldn’t breathe. He was devouring me, and it felt right in his arms, but I wasn’t ready to let him make this choice for me. Tearing my mouth from his, I squirmed in his grasp. "Let me go."
Meet the Author

Misti Murphy writes about smart, sexy women and the dirty talking alphas that love them. She also enjoys emotionally torturing them. Damaged alphas with a twist are her favorite.

When she's not writing, she's enjoying her own happily ever after with her teacher hubby, four hellions, and two fur babies. She has a weakness for chocolate, procaffinating, and stalking Facebook.

Social Media

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***Cover Reveal*** #Poser by Cambria Hebert

Title: #Poser (Hashtag Series #5) - not a standalone 
Release Date: August 18, 2015 
Genre: New adult college romance 


Posers gonna pose

I am a man who had nothing, but found everything.

I’ll never go back to nothing ever again.

I vowed to protect her, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. 

The pictures I stumbled upon haunt me still, the secret I shoulder is heavy.

They say secrets put distance between two people, but the truth is far more destructive than keeping it will ever be. 

I won’t ever tell. She can’t ever know.

When I look in the mirror my reflection is of who I’m afraid I’ll become and not the man I am. 

It makes me feel like a poser, no better than all the others pretending to be exactly who they aren’t.

How does a man keep it together when everything is unraveling right here in his hands?

I didn’t start any of this.

I never asked for it.

But it came knocking at my door. 

When secrets and threats knock, I don’t hide.

I open the door. 

Because the best way to take down a poser is to be one.

Purchase previous books:


Cambria Hebert is a bestselling novelist of more than twenty books. She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. 

Besides writing, Cambria loves a caramel latte, staying up late, sleeping in, and watching movies. She considers math human torture and has an irrational fear of chickens (yes, chickens). You can often find her running on the treadmill (she’d rather be eating a donut), painting her toenails (because she bites her fingernails), or walking her chorkie (the real boss of the house). 

Cambria has written within the young adult and new adult genres, penning many paranormal and contemporary titles. Her favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense. A few of her most recognized titles are: Text, Torch, Tryst, Masquerade, and Recalled.

Cambria Hebert owns and operates Cambria Hebert Books, LLC.

Author links:

Pre - Release Blitz (Excerpt Reveal) for MEMORIZED by Alyne Roberts.

Mem excerpt banner

Title: Memorized
Author: Alyne Roberts
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 7, 2015




The boy who remembers everything. I heard she is finally going home today. The brain is very powerful. Her mind is unable to handle the memories of what happened, so it blocked it out. As I watch her, I envy her. I wish I could forget, just wipe away all the ugly and the bad. I’m not as lucky as the pretty, lost girl. I would gladly trade places with her. She has no idea how good forgetting can be.   The girl who forgot everything. I’m going home today. There is nothing the hospital can do to help me remember the last three years. They say I was attacked, but I can't help them find who it was. They say I'll eventually regain my memories but, it takes time. What happens when you run out of time? Regaining my memory becomes a deadly game of life or death.  


(Unedited Version. Subject to Change.) They say it only takes a tenth of a second to get a first impression of someone. The longer they have, the more confident they feel in that impression. A single glance is all it takes to determine someone's attractiveness and trustworthiness. In four minutes, someone has already made up their mind about you. Many studies show that first impressions are usually accurate and often stable, not likely to change afterward. The saying "never judge a book by its cover" is actually pointless because it is human nature to do exactly that. Although the first impressions stick with you and it's difficult to change it, the memory fades into the background and the details eventually dissolve. I, on the other hand, never forget a first meeting or impression. The first moment I laid eyes on Willow can replay in my mind like a film. The glazed look in her green eyes, the weakness in her smile, the paleness of her skin, will always be there for me to recall at a moments notice. My first impressions are always permanent. As I sit silently next to Willow, I wonder what first impression I gave her. Did she judge me when she ran into me in the hospital and I gruffly dismissed her because I was frustrated she may have caught me watching her? I was hard, rude, and unyielding. Was it the day she confronted me in the coffee shop, trying to find someone to connect to? I brushed her off, refusing to offer anything that would make her feel better. Do I have a second chance because the memories of how closed off I was may have faded from her mind? I turn my head and gently smile at her confused expression. I need her to feel at ease and trust me. I realize that I need her to agree to this more than she needs me. My degree and career is riding on this project. Not to mention, the annoying obsession I have with this mysterious girl that refuses to go away. I want to know what it's like inside her mind. Since I'd heard her phone call in the coffee shop, I wondered what memories had returned and what she's hiding. For the first time in years, I want to know more about someone else. I watched her for weeks in the hospital, trying to imagine what it was like for her. I wanted to peek inside her thoughts, see what it is like to look behind you and not see anything.    

About The Author:


Alyne lives in Ohio with her husband, dog and cat. Working full time in an office all day, she spends her nights reading, writing or watching an entire TV series in a night. She refuses to grow up and loves Disney movies and anything with owls. She couldn't live without her coffee or her furry "children". Alyne wrote her first novel titled "Light to the Darkness" in 2014, followed by the Conflicted Encounters Series. To stay up to date on what Alyne is working on, teasers and more: Sign up for the newsletter.   She loves to connect with readers so feel free to stalk her! 


Memorized Full  

  love p

Release Blitz for WHAT WE'LL LEAVE BEHIND by Len Webster.

What We'll Leave Behind Rel Banner

Title: What We'll Leave Behind (Left Behind, #0.5)
Author: Len Webster
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2015



One chance meeting on a white beach in Thailand would set their story in stone.
Eighteen and fresh out of high school, Stevie Appleton is about to embark on a form of freedom she has never known. When offered the chance to go to Thailand to celebrate the end of high school, she takes it. What she doesn’t know is that saying yes would lead to meeting him. Having just finished his Bachelor, Julian Moors can’t wait to party away the last three years of university. All he wants from his holiday in Thailand is to relax on the beach, drink and have the time of his life. However, the moment his eyes land on the beautiful blonde reading on the beach, he knows he can’t stay away. All his other wants no longer matter. What does matter is getting to know the girl behind the mockingbird. Enter Stevie and Julian’s memory vault. No names. No past. Just right now. Seven days to fall in love. Seven days until their end. Seven days until they both wake up heartbroken. And four more years until they meet again.

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She shook her head at her own stupidity. This Julian was attractive. Really attractive. And this really attractive male—with his Australian accent, light brown hair, soft, blue eyes, and an impressive body—sat next to her. With a sigh, Stevie took her hat off and set it on top of her bag. “So, what do we do now?” she asked, keeping her eyes on the clear water. “Well.” He paused. “What do you want to do today, Stephanie?” Stevie cringed. No real names. If he ever tried to find her, he’d find it hard. She never used ‘Stephanie,’ so she’d go undetected. Exhaling, she picked her hat up and put it on before lying back on the hot sand. Then she covered her forehead with the backs of her wrists and stared at the blue sky. After watching a cloud slowly move an inch, she closed her eyes. “What do you want to do today, Julian?” she asked, enjoying the way the sun warmed her skin. Julian. Julian, I don’t want your surname. We’re ‘holiday’ friends. He didn’t respond, but she would force it out of him. If they were to stay on the beach all day, then so be it. It was a much better option than being locked out of her hotel room as her roommate got laid. The first thing she would do when she returned to the resort was call housecleaning to somehow disinfect the room and change the sheets. Something obstructed the sun and created a shadow behind her eyelids. When she moved her face, the shadow followed her. Stevie’s eyebrows knitted and then she opened her eyes. She flinched when she saw Julian hovering over her, his nose close to hers. “Dude!” she squealed as she slapped his jaw away. Then she sat up, holding her hat. Julian chuckled like a six-year-old. “What’s so funny?” she asked, dusting the sand off her arms. “When you freak out, it’s hilarious.” She glared at him. “You’re kind of annoying. You know that, right?” He smirked and then nodded. “I do. It’s what I’m known for,” he explained, placing his hands on his hips. “That’s not a good thing.” “It’s what got you to talk to me, didn’t it?” Damn. He’s right. She rolled her eyes. “Shut up.” Julian took his hands off his hips, dug them into the sand, and leant in close, his face a whisper away from hers. Then he squinted at her, as if to decipher her thoughts. “What?” she asked, pulling back. He had pursed his lips before he sat back on his rear. “You’re different.” Pressing her lips together in a fine line, Stevie picked her bag up. “Gee, thanks.” “You’re welcome.” “I was being sarcastic.” Julian nodded along. “That’s what friends do.” How can I be ‘friends’ with an idiot? “Julian!” someone yelled. Stevie craned her neck to see a group of men near the shore. With their wet bodies and hair, it was clear that they had just come from the water. They waved Julian over, and Stevie heard him release a frustrated exhale next to her. “I gotta run, Blondie,” Julian said, standing up. She tilted her head up to meet his eyes. His really nice eyes. “I guess it was good meeting you.” Julian slowly grinned, and her heartbeat didn’t miss the gesture. It was the perfect fluidity of movement. Like calm beach water. The way his soft, blue eyes lightened had her swallowing hard. Really attractive was starting to worry her. Really attractive was really out of her league. Friends. He said that. He wants that. We can be that. “It was really good to meet you, too, Stephanie,” he said so genuinely that her stomach filled with butterflies. To the point where it could be hailed as a sanctuary rather than a display. So many butterflies. Butterflies that made her sick. Butterflies caused by him. Butterflies brought to life because of a stranger. Stevie smiled, trying to forget her silly thoughts. She pulled her iPod out of her bag, wanting to listen to music more than she wanted to return to her hotel room. “Listen,” Julian said, gaining her attention. She stopped untangling the headphones from around the iPod and raised a brow at him. “Yeah?” “You know of the moonlight parties they have on this beach at night?” he asked, scratching his right arm as if he were nervous. Staring at the way his nails were digging into his skin, she couldn’t help but smile at the thought that maybe she made him nervous. She hadn’t made anyone feel that way before. And with that, she filed that away as a victory for her self-confidence. I’ll take what I can get. I don’t think Julian has really looked at the women on this beach. I’m, like, a negative ten in comparison. I could have sworn a Victoria’s Secret model was around. I should tell him that… Friends share that kind of info, right? Hey, Stevie? Yeah? Shut up. She cleared her throat, trying to act casual. Because, well, that was what they were. “Yeah, I’ve heard about them.” His smile now showed his perfectly white and straight teeth. “So, I’ll see you here tonight?” Her body flinched. “What?” Julian placed a hand on top of her head and moved her head to make nods. “Oh, so, that’s a yes. I’m so glad. I’ll see you tonight, Blondie. Wear something nice, ’kay?” Once he removed his hand from her head, he raised his hand to signal to his friends. “Uhh, oh-kay?” Stevie replied, confused about what he meant. Then he winked. Cool, calm, and carefree. A wink that sent shivers down her spine. A wink she scowled at. “I’ll see you tonight, Stephanie!” he said with a hint of excitement in his voice before he left her alone on the beach. Stevie turned her head and watched him as he picked his towel and bag up and walked down the beach with his friends. Just as she was about to look away, Julian spun and his eyes met hers. He seemed almost relieved to have caught her staring. And when he smiled almost gratefully, her heart clenched and caused a tiny fault in her breathing. “Oh, no,” she breathed. Because she knew why her heart had decided to play the victim rather than a champion. It was him. Plain and simple. Her body had ignited at the thought and nearness of him. Attraction, you are an absolute asshole, you asshole.

About The Author:


Len Webster is a romance-loving Melburnian with dreams of finding her version of 'The One.' But until that moment happens, she writes. Having just completed her BBusCom from Monash University, Len is now busy writing her next romance about how a boy met a girl, and how they fell completely and hopelessly in love. 


love p