Friday, 9 November 2012

Breaking the Arm Healing the Heart By Ashley Andrews Review


Sun Coast High and Marina are rival schools. Sicily is Sun Coast’s head cheerleader. She’s downright attractive, popular, and has that bitchy and snarky personality that ensures her fellow students either love her, or fear her.

Lucas Mercer is her male counterpoint. He’s drop–dead gorgeous, the King of his school, and has that mysterious and commanding presence.

Due to her inattentiveness Sicily breaks Lucas’s arm, rendering him unable to play basketball for the rest of the season. Her punishment for the negligent action is to babysit the player on a regular basis and abide his every request. Being archenemies, the task isn’t exactly a piece of cake, no matter how attracted they are to one another. 


Sicily is the girl everyone wants to be. There is more to these student then school rivalries. Everyone has their own personal problem with another person, and its what makes the schools hate each other so much. Lucas is a wall when it comes to emotion and tries not to show his pain. Through the book you get to understand each character, and justify the hate. I absolutely LOVED ZANE!

They could all be friends but so many things stand in the way.


Would you risk what you have for what you want?
Overall the book had some editing issues but it was sweet in its own way.