Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Leif By Abbi Glines Review

LEIF is a novella from the Existence series. It is glimpses into Leif's point-of-view during both Existence and Predestined. This book was very different than what I was expecting. It was mostly some extra chapters to Existence & Predestined from Leif's point of view which I loved.

"She was mine. I owned her soul…until Death stole her heart." - Leif
Totally loved this line.In LEIF we meet Sabine. She has a big problem and she's hoping that Leif can help her out with it. I was disappointed that we didn't learn too much about her before this novella ended. Her story was certainly not resolved. But she does manage to earn Leif's compassion which could be interesting. My heart breaks for Leif and I cant help but hope that he gets a happy ending in Ceaseless which is the conclusion to the Existence trilogy.