Saturday, 13 October 2012

Stay With Me By Mayssam Kaado Review

This book was actually pretty good.Though it wasnt what I was expecting ,the twist and turns did manage to surprise me and I'm glad I stuck with it. The story is about Melanie,Jared and his brother Paul. Life hasnt been easy for Melanie ever since her sister Juliet passed away. After using drugs, and a fall from grace, she finally got her life back on track. But then, her past catches up with her. Melanie hasnt seen Jared for four years and now suddenly he is her next door neighbor. Though she is dating Ben , Mel has never stopped loving Jared. But the more she tries to get him to open up the more he backsoff until finally he gives in. Melanie has always been in Jared's head and heart. She never left even after they broke up. The reason he tries to keep his distance from Mel is because his life's a mess which he doesnt want Mel to be involved in.
To know more about the story go and get this book now!! Its definetly entertaining with a pinch of action, drama and a lot of romance. So those who want to enjoy a nice quick read I'd definetly recommend this one!