Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Skater Boy By Mari Mancusi Review

Skater Boy is a young adult book and forms part of ‘the First Kiss Club’ series. The story is narrated by 15 year old Dawn, and charts her life as she struggles with her parent’s controlling nature and her first love.
The book is a sort of take on Romeo and Juliet – and Dawn herself likens her situation to the famous story. Dawn is part of the ‘in crowd’ at her private school, and is from the wealthy part of town. She’s destined to go to an Ivy League college and her life is mapped out by ‘the Evil Ones’. She then meets Starr, a new girl at school who encourages Dawn to the ‘wrong side of town’ where she meets Sean – a nice boy who is from a rough part of the city.The characters to me seemed a bit lacking in depth, and the story seemed to moving a bit quickly.

Essentially, the moral of the story is that people should not be defined by their economic circumstances – rich kids are not always nice and poor kids are not always drug dealers and down and outs. So the above being said I think Skater Boy is a good enough read.