Thursday, 11 October 2012

What a Boy Needs By Nyrae Dawn Review

This book was simply AMAZING. Nyrae Dawn does a perfect job capturing the meaning of friendship, loyalty, love, and the struggles of finding you are and what you will fight for. There is so much love between each character. They practically scream family and their loyalty to each other is heart warming. I loved getting to know Jaden on a deeper level. It was nice and also very very sad to see behind the scenes in his life. I felt so bad for him also...I was ready to punch him stupid boy wouldn't open up!! Haha but I totally didn't blame him. I loved Jaden! This book was so cute and it totally had me from page one! If you are looking for a cute, funny, and all around really good quick read, this book is for you!

Fav quote-

Luckily, I see the girls coming to save me from Sebastian and anymore questions that I don't want to answer. They head to the back of the Explorer and I get an idea. I elbow Bastian who looks at me funny, but waits to see what I'm going to do. We keep facing the front. Once they finish getting whatever they needed, I hear the rear door close, I hit the button to make it pop open. One of the girls grabs it and closes it again. The second it clicks, I hit the open button again.

"What the heck?" I hear Aspen say. I can see Bastian biting his cheek so he doesn't laugh.

"Do it hard. Maybe you have to slam it?" Priscilla replies to her.

This time when they close it, it practically vibrates the Explorer they slam it so hard and my finger jabs the button making it pop open again.

"Jaden!" Priscilla yells, finally figuring out what's going on. "You dork!"

By now Bastian and I are rolling in the backseat we're laughing so hard. I have no idea how she knew it was me and not him, but it's funny as hell.

"Do it hard!" I toss back at her which makes Bastian start to laugh even harder.