Thursday, 11 October 2012

Crazy Beautiful By Lauren Baratz-Logsted Review

Crazy Beautiful starts with Lucius telling us about himself and the situation he is in which is followed by Aurora telling us about hers. The chapters in the book keep alternating between Lucuis and Aurora. Each perspective moves the story along and doesn’t allow it to get stuck in just one scene.The story
actually starts on their first day of school. For the brief moment that they make eye contact in the school bus, Aurora and Lucius are connected.
Immediately, Lucius wishes to protect her from any harm and Aurora contemplates love at first sight. The moment passes once they get off bus; however, a glimmer of interest stays with them.

Aurora is beautiful and compassionate. Lucius is different and anti-social. Following her deceased mother’s advice, “you should be nice to everyone until a person gives you a reason not to be, and sometimes even then,” Aurora is nothing but pleasant to the hooked Lucius.The characters are honest and unlike other young adult novels out there, neither is portrayed as perfect. We get to read about both sides of this relationship. We see how one struggles with a secret while the other struggles to keep curiosity at bay and not find out what said secret is. Despite the fact that he has no arms, I thought that 

Lucius had a great sense of humor; as Aurora’s father put it: “The boy’s got spunk.” Aurora is easily sucked into the cool kids’ crowd but she isn’t completely brainwashed and still maintains her own personality and opinions. I loved that about her.
The story brings a positive idea to light: a person may be disabled, but the disability doesn’t make them any less human.