Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fallen By Lauren Kate Review

 After having gotten tired of the vampire and werewolf genre, I thought that I would give angels a try. Fallen By Lauren Kate is slow at first, since it is the introductory of the characters and the protagonist Lucy Price. She isn't a strong willed character and a bit easily distracted, however she makes for an interesting character because, she just -seems- so normal, except for the fact that she's attending a boarding school for misfits.
    Then comes forth the antagonist, Cam. As the story drifts and changes over time to the point were Cam switches out of the villainous role and joins sides with the "good" because, everyone shares the same common enemy overall. I'ts interesting. After Daniel commits an entry into the story, then a noticeable romance is obviously aroused between Lucy and him. In the end this book is filled with love, envy, and tragedy. It gets a bit confusing, and is slow at many times, but it makes for a good time passing read. Interesting story overall.