Saturday, 25 August 2012

I don't really know what to say about this book, I really don't! I loved it- by the end, but it did take me a long while to get into it. I have wavered at times about whether or not this book is a three star or a four star.

I thought that Dark Heart Forever was a very intriguing book. Normally you would expect the person who is a vampire or werewolf to be in hiding in the human world. In this book however, there are two worlds, one with normal humans and one with angels, vampires, werewolves and more. I thought that was very original.
              What I like most about this story is how the past came back to Jane's mother. Yup, that was twist. I really like how the mother played an important role in the past decisions she made. It really makes Jane's decisions even harder. Make the same mistake her mother made or do something different??? I really like how both the mother and Jane had the same feelings in which their heart should go. It was like the past was repeating itself.

Dark Heart Forever is a dark book with a haunting secret just dying to get out. The characters were raw so you saw them develop right before your eyes and unveil many news things. The reader is immerse in two different worlds fighting for many things. Love and Revenge!