Saturday, 25 August 2012

 So I just finished reading FORBIDDEN by SYRIE JAMES and to be honest it was quite an interesting book.The characters really made this story for me. To be honest, we've all seen this type of plot a few times; however, Claire, Alec, Brian, and Erica really gave it a nice boost.There were a few things I found wierd. First, there are a few too many coincidences in this story. Pieces fell together too easily sometimes. Also, Erica and Brian were a bit too accepting of the weird things going on around them. I wasn't sure if it was because they were young and would accept anything, or if they were really able to understand what was going on with Claire at all. Either way, I was very happy that they were there for her and I did get a feeling that they would do whatever she needed.
                Overall, I enjoyed this book.It is a is a well paced read with no boring moments and a really fine ending.  I suspect the “surprise” character at the end would play a much larger role in the next installment.Forbidden is told from alternating POVs so it was nice to see the story from both characters. They made the story fun by putting in a lot of humor and twists throughout.