Saturday, 25 August 2012

Vampire Crush By A.M.Robinson Review

This was a great read. I love how easy, fun, and cute it was.

   Sophie is one very entertaining narrator - she's witty, driven, curious as hell and investigative. Sophie is also competitive to a fault, and we see all these characteristics of her in the book. Funny enough, some of these characteristics drive and shape the plot. For instance, her curiosity and investigative streak leads her into discovering far more about the newcomers in her school than her getting-to-know-you article required. She diverts from a typical heroine by actually having a reason to follow the newcomers, although eventually she steps far beyond the boundary. It was quite a refreshing break, away from other 'I-have-come-for-you' vampire stories. She is actually just a bystander dragged into the whole mess by her competitiveness and curiosity and her connection to James.

Speaking of James - I adore the relationship between him and Sophie. Their affection is shown in a very non-convetional way, and as childhood friends, their history is rich, vibrant and more than full of laughs. Their antics are both funny and romantic at the same time, truly reminiscient of a best-friend-turned-boyfriend romance. Between them is a sea of endless insults and pranks, but their affection and attraction to each other is shown through each of these - and is very clear from day one! Their history puts weight on their affection, and boy does it end up being terribly romantic!

Such a charming book - I'm sure readers will love Sophie's comedic narration and step into her shoes some time. Not to mention James, the vampires and the happy-ish ending!