Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Boyfriend Game By Stephie Davis Review

The Boyfriend Game is a short and incredibly cute story. I didn’t know what to expect but I found that I really enjoyed this short story. I finished this book with a big smile.
               Trisha and Graham have one thing in common- Soccer. Upon meeting each other and finding out that they are both dedicated to soccer, they train together to improve their performance on the field and for Trisha to be bumped up to the Varsity team. They keep each other focused and they push each other to the limit. When Trisha’s friends make her notice that Graham is hot and totally swoon-worthy, she begins to develop romantic feelings for him. But Graham isn’t into dating girly girls…
               Trisha is a freshman that loves soccer above anything else. She was such a naive and cute character. She has a sense of humour that made me smile. I loved her dedication to soccer and willingness to push herself to the limit. She’s insecure and has a bad habit of assuming things and jumping to conclusions. Graham is like Trisha in so many ways. I liked Graham, he was a sweet guy. As predictable as this story was, his feelings for Trisha was actually really confusing in the beginning. Nonetheless, I think that Trisha and Graham make a really cute couple. Their conversations made me laugh and giggle.

The Boyfriend Game is an easy-read and it doesn’t disappoint. I recommend this book for those who love cute romances and are looking for a sugary sweet love story.