Saturday, 25 August 2012

Afterlife By Claudia Gray Review

Lucas and Bianca have a lot of issues in this one that they have to work through.  Not so much relationship wise with each other, but coming to accept who and what they are.  This book is also about finding out what the heck Mrs. Bethany is planning with all the ghosts she's collected, and trust me, you'll not see this conclusion coming!
             It was kind of sad for me in the beginning as far as how much Bianca and Lucas have changed.  They can't even try to be the 'people' they once were, but they have to work through what they can be.Find out more about what they can do to be the best they can be.
             Claudia Gray did a good job bringing this complex story together and ending it on a high note. It was not a conclusion where everything is perfect, and a few parts were frustrating, but it was a satisfying outcome for this couple.

Afterlife puts an end to a series I have come to love. This paranormal world Claudia Gray created will not be easily forgotten and the characters will remain as some of my favorites.