Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Promise By Jessica Sorensen Review

This final installment did NOT disappoint.I loved how Gemma and Alex finally figured out their feelings for each other.Loved how we actually got to see 2 endings, the visions, and what really happens.I thought the story lines were nail biting, action packed and swoon worthy throughout the whole book.Once I started reading, it was hard to put the book down, with it's many twists and turns that kept me on my toes during the book.Which is always a good sign for the final book in a series.It was just great.
I can't wait to read the spin off book. The Lost Soul (Fallen Souls Series book 1).In the end I give 'The Promise' by author Jessica Sorensen 5 shiny stars. What can I say, I enjoyed reading it, from start to finish and it was a great end to a amazing debut book series. Jessica Sorensen way of writing and story telling was superb and I highly recommend you give this book series and this author a go, by reading a few of her books.