Saturday, 25 August 2012

Easy By Tammara Webber Review

   I liked this one. At first I was afraid that it was going to be one of those books in which the heroine gets dumped by the boyfriend and the hero saves her from a miserable life, thus sending the message that the only way to be happy is to be in a relationship. So the fact that she learns how to be independent is good. She obviously gets a guy that’s conveniently too perfect, but there’s a part in the book where she thinks that she survived the breakup, she survived the attack, so if things don’t work out with Lucas she knows she will be fine.
            I really liked Jacqueline because she was a strong female character overall. Yes, she had her down time, but she always got herself to fight back for the things she wanted. I liked that she owned up to mistakes she made without wallowing about it a lot. Landon was all kinds of hot man, and I loved that he wasn’t really that stereotypical pretty guy…even if he was pretty. He had some flaws too and that really made him seem like an everyday guy. He never truly fit any type of mold, so as a reader I never knew what to expect from him.
            I really liked that, and I think this book had a positive message, something I really appreciate especially when the characters are young. I also enjoyed the portrayal of female friendship in the book.
           The romance and ending was age appropriate too, nothing too heavy and unbelievable.Tammara Webber handles a really sensitive subject and makes it not only informative, but so natural. She weaves the story in a way that is heartwarming and tragic, yet leaves you with a satisfied smile by the end.