Saturday, 25 August 2012

First Comes Love By Katie Kacvinsky Review

When I saw the synopsis for First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky, I thought it would simply be a story about two very different people falling in love and then experiencing some obstacles that challenge that love. It was that; but, First Comes Love was also a book about two people learning more about themselves by having someone to talk to and confide in.
                    Told from the perspectives of both Dylan and Gray, First Comes Love allows you to see what the two characters like about each other while simultaneously letting you develop your own opinion about them as individuals. Gray is moody, cynical, and someone who’s very much a loner. Dylan on the other hand is extremely carefree and completely uninhibited with her emotions. She also has this quirky tendency of naming everything she owns.
                     The writing was perfect - I forgot I was reading and became completely immersed in the story. The plot was completely character driven. The pacing was right on, and the story unfolded in such a way that it was easy to get caught up in their relationship and become emotionally invested. I found myself really wanting Grey and Dylan to be happy together. What else makes this book special is watching their friendship grow and their relationship bloom.
                     This book is a wonderful contemporary romance. It was simple, yet heartfelt and intricate all at the same time.