Monday, 27 August 2012

Summer Of Adam Devereaux Review

 Hmmmm...Well I think I'm gonna give "Summer of Adam Devereaux" 4 out of 5 pretty stars. I really enjoyed reading this book,especially the end. I just could not put the book down.I liked Skyla's character. She was funny, optimistic, sarcastic...Gosh! dont you just love it when your characters are sarcastic...I know I do...hehehehe. And she was also a strong character by the end of the book.
                   The overall storyline was quite interesting.The characters were very well written, they sure made me smile very often than not and I think the book was quite a good read if you ask me.

Some of my fav quotes from this book are -

 "Normal teenaged girls dont talk to their plastic skulls, heck they dont even look at them, let alone even hold them. They also dont cradle it in their arms,tears spilling out on occasional times. They dont look at the skull's grinning face and expose watery smiles when they get the feeling they're being heard."

"They dont look at the skulls like they're answering questions. A normal teenage girl would'nt be asking a skull ," What happened to Adam? I really, really liked him.What happened? Please, please tell me what happened!" Also they would'nt be holding the skull near their ear, and seriously answer, " Yes i should've followed him that night."