Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Fallen Star By Jessica Sorensen Review

The Fallen Star is the first book in Jessica Sorensen’s Fallen Star series, It is the story of Gemma who when we meet her is just starting to feel emotions, she has up until this point lived her life like a zombie. With these new feelings comes an adventure full of twists and turns!

I started too really like Gemma, she faces some scary situations in this book and well obviously she’s scared! I liked that she was petrified by what she saw because I know I would be! The usual young adult paranormal book has a simple plot: hot guy, fall in love, some action, dramatic ending. The first thing that was different was the “hot guy” Alex didn’t act super nice to Gemma. And, Gemma fought with him and stood up for herself. Sometimes you didn’t like Alex because he was being a jerk, and then suddenly BOOM he was nice again! It makes you go back and forth on the characters. Also, the action was just AMAZING!

The author leaves us on a cliff hanger, which was extremely clever because you instantly want to read the next book in the instalment.I really liked The Fallen Star, if you are looking for an exciting series of books with twists and turns, this is for you!

Fav Quotes -

"Hey, I might be a stubborn brat sometimes, but when it came to not getting killed, I was more than willing to cooperate."

"Well, this was a nice change. Put me on the verge of dying and he was all for being nice.