Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rapture By Lauren Kate Review

 I am in awe of this series. If there is any epic love story, then it’s the one of Luce and Daniel.Funny enough, I fell in love with Daniel the minute he flipped Luce off when they first met in Fallen. This series broke me heart so many times, I cried so many times and I swooned so many times.
          Rapture indeed gave us so many answers and went even beyond about what I imagined. We finally get to the bottom, to the very beginning of Daniel and Luce’s tale. How they fell in love and the background of their love and also of their curse. Discovering and getting all those answers was thrilling and exciting. I was speechless and astonished by the sheer enormity of this story. Never, did I imagine what was finally revealed. The whole series slowly builds to this final showdown and.. it was well worth the ride and the tears!
          In Rapture Lauren Kate brings the epic tale of love to a breathtaking ending. Some twists I suspected, some totally took me by surprise. However, Ratpture was a fitting ending to a beautifully woven love story that is beyond everything I read before.Finally, with Rapture we get closure. We had a wonderful time together.