Friday, 28 December 2012

The One For Me By Layla James Review


Seventeen-year-old Katy couldn’t find good luck if it were in an open pail. Her parents announce their divorce and her boyfriend, Hayden, of a year breaks up with her for long legged hottie, Holly, all in one week. Katy’s luck might as well be buried with her dignity, when she is partnered up with Avalon High School’s own bad by Liam Erickson.

Katy follows Liam after he ditches her to go to a party, where she finds Hayden and Holly swapping spit in her face. Furious, Katy kisses Liam to get back at Hayden, leaving her with a re-bound girl and new class hoe reputation.

Determined to save the last bit of her reputation, she proposes Liam a deal, a good reputation with his teachers, if he will ‘pretend’ to be her boyfriend, to stop the rumors. Katy deals with her parents’ divorce, her reputation being ruined and finds herself having more in common with Liam than she ever imagined. By the end, Katy can’t tell who is ‘pretending’ and who isn’t.


It was a sweet & fun read, though it did remind me of Patch from Hush Hush Series.
What the author managed brilliantly in this book is making the reader feel the chemistry between Katy and Liam. He’s a bad boy, all right, but he’s sexy, smart, dark and always has a perfect come back. The dialogue was the one thing that convinced me to read the book in the first place when I skimmed through the excerpt, and it kept going smoothly all the way to the end. Congratulations to the author for that.

There are however some grammatical mistakes and a few errors here and there.

All in all, a good read. It even made me cry. And yeah, I'll admit it here, and I know it might sound crazy, but I like books that can make me cry, as well as make me laugh. I love it when I get strong emotions by reading a book, be it something fun or something sad or incredibly romantic.
Anyway I obviously recommend it !!