Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Unbreakable Love By Angela Carling Review


Jennie Townsend is unlucky in love, so she is immediately suspicious when a mysterious new student named Nate tries to gain her friendship. But there is something special about Nate, and in spite of her best efforts Jennie finds her feelings for the boy growing deeper every day. In fact, Nate is more special than Jennie can even imagine. He is a guardian angel, sent to protect Jennie during a most dangerous time in her life. To do so, he must first become close to her - but not too close. The rules for Protectors warn against physical contact and strictly forbid falling in love. But the more time Nate spends with Jennie, the harder the rules are to follow. Will Nate be able to save Jennie from a premature end, or will his own emotions - and Jennie's - get in the way of completing the task for which he was specifically chosen?

With Unbreakable Love, Angela Carling has created a captivating story for young adult readers, with a refreshing twist on relationship issues. It is an ode to the magical power of true love, a tribute to belief in a benevolent higher power that watches over us and surrounds us every day of our lives.


This would be my new way of saying that I loved the book.This was such a cute love story.Unbreakable Love is about Jennie , our everyday high school girl & her guardian angel Nate. Its a forbidden love. Will they end up together???...why dont you read it and find out!

Jennie’s character captured my heart. She is a strong and compassionate heroine. She is genuine and kind. She is a good person, and she has a strong relationship with her parents. Nate’s struggle between his duty to protect Jennie and his growing love for her were really interesting to watch although I wanted to punch him once or twice for giving up what he loved easily. But then again considering the ending of the story I'd take back my punch ;) .

 The writing style was different from what I am use to and the book was written like the author was telling a story. It was not necessarily from one character's point of view. It was interesting to read a book written this way.

In the end, I'd say the book actually turned out to be pretty perfect and I was left with a smile on my face.