Monday, 19 May 2014

Review : The Kissing Booth ( The Kissing Booth #1) by Beth Reekles


Meet Rochelle Evans: pretty, popular--and never been kissed. Meet Noah Flynn: badass, volatile--and a total player. And also Elle's best friend's older brother... 

When Elle decides to run a kissing booth for the school's Spring Carnival, she locks lips with Noah and her life is turned upside down. Her head says to keep away, but her heart wants to draw closer--this romance seems far from fairy tale and headed for heartbreak. 

But will Elle get her happily ever after?


 The author has the potential there, definitely, but I think she needs to grow up and get some life experiences under her belt. 1) the parents in the book, are really unrealistic. every single parent was okay with underage drinking parties, hotel rooms after prom, spending the night at another guys house. 2) the kissing booth- really? nowadays i would pay you 600 bucks to shut the booth down, rather than encourage people to kiss random strangers. who knows where that mouth has been, and hello? ever heard of HSV1? herpes simplex? cold sores? ugh. the thought of it is not romantic to me at ALL. 3) the bad boy cliche/contradictions, Noah is a total player, gets into fights easily, one even in the book with no negative effects at all? no detention, nothing, and he still somehow manages to keep his grades, all A's and get into Harvard. not to mention staying up until 2-3 seems like every night, drinking at parties. Yeah, i can see that happening. 4) you can tell it was written by a young person, cause like, the narrator was totally like, omg, he's so hot! like, and stuff. 4) the author needs to learn how to spell the word practice. just sayin'. cause i don't know what practise means, it's not in the dictionary, like, i totally checked.

aside from all that, the author has great potential, i don't see how a three book deal happened, but at the same time we live in a publishing society that published 50 shades because of how popular the internet found it. She did pretty good for being a 17 year old author.