Sunday, 2 August 2015

ARC REVIEW : Alexa Crushed (Alexa Series, #1) by T.R. Cupak


Alexa Morgan lost her mother when she was two. At eighteen, her father and stepmother died when a devastating earthquake hit the Bay Area. Only one person has remained a constant in her life: Devin. 

Devin has been Alexa’s best friend since childhood. The two are inseparable—or they were until Devin declared his love for her at sixteen. When Alexa can offer him only friendship in return, Devin retreats, brokenhearted. 

Alexa, on the other hand, longs for Ethan, the boy next door. Four years older than her, and with an ever-changing roster of girlfriends, Ethan is everything Devin isn’t: wild, sensual, and unpredictable. 

In the aftermath of the deadly earthquake, Ethan makes his move on Alexa, who reciprocates in a confused whirl of grief and desire. When Ethan leaves town the next day, Devin comes back into Alexa’s life, offering support and expecting nothing in return.

Alexa begins to see the advantages of Devin’s quiet, stable love. Can she get past the friendship hang-up while trying to forget bad boy Ethan? It’s a choice that will change her life forever.


One thing that I liked best about this book is the writing. It was so simple and straightforward that I couldn’t stop reading, right until the last page.
Alexa Crushed, is the story of a girl who is cherished and loved to the core by her parents, who treated her like the princess that she was to them. Tragedy strikes, leaving Alexa lonely as ever and confused as hell.  The grief that Alexa is suppose to feel could have been explained a bit more in detail so that the reader could actually empathize. I just couldn’t connect with Alexa’s feelings. Her devastation could have been portrayed better. Another thing that bothered me was her behavior just after the tragedy. I mean just because your sad and grieving doesn’t mean you have to go and sleep with someone. Alexa should have given a little time for that to happen and owned up to her loss. But it is also understandable that some people do use sex as a coping mechanism. So I was able to surpass that.
Seeing that I’m not really a fan of love triangles, Alexa’s feelings for both the guys didn’t settle well with me. Ethan & Devin were both equally hot and hero material. Ethan is your sexy bad boy next door who you dream about secretly in the dead of night. Devin on the other hand is your sweet and gentle childhood BFF who also makes your heart race. Always rooting for the bad boy  personally, I totally dig Ethan. But than he had to go ahead and be a jerk. I did have a feeling there was was more to him than was being portrayed. Way more. Which was confirmed at the end of the book.  
About the story, I feel it had a potential to be much better. It leaves us at a cliffhanger, but still the overall story felt incomplete. Like something was missing. What did spike an interest, was the mystery that Alexa found in the letters. That alone is going to make me want to read the sequel. I had guessed where this story might be going but the mystery that popped up, has kept me guessing.
Overall, I’d say for a debut novel, T without a doubt did an awesome job! Count me in for the next one.