Tuesday, 1 September 2015

***Arc Review*** The Secret Keeper By Angela Carling


When Seventeen year old Winter Merrill was compelled to make a bargain with the mysterious Secret Keeper, she knew there were rules.  The most important one, the next time you have a secret, you will not be able to tell it….even if you try.
What she didn’t know is that her next secret if not told, would destroy her life and the life of Liam, the only boy she ever loved. Can Winter find a way out of the dark bargain that binds her tongue or will her deal with the Secret Keeper bring devastating consequences unimaginable even to her? 


Oh my god, could this book get any better. Someone needs to get me the sequel, like right now. The Secret Keeper's concept was so good. I don't think I have read any books on these lines and yes I have read quite many paranormal books. This book has it's own charm and uniqueness. 

Winter as a character was pretty good. She was kind, caring and made stupid mistakes just like any other person. Her friendship with Ally was portrayed in a great way. Ally is the kind of girl I'd like to have as my BFF.
Than there is Liam. Suffice it to be said that he has made it to my book boyfriend list. The way he showed his emotions through the entire story really got to me. We than have The Secret Keeper. She was written with just the precise amount of creep and mystery to keep me wanting more. 

I really enjoyed this book. The story though sometimes predictable did not make the book any less fun to read. The only issue I have with the book is the tragic scenes. I feel they couldn't have been written better and stretched a bit more. They seemed cut short for my taste. Especially towards the accident in the end. 

Other than that, the writing style was simple and easy which is always a plus for me. I don't get into complex writing they just mess up my mind. Lol. 

Overall, this book is definitely recommended from me. And lastly I'd like to thank the author for providing me with this lovely book. 

Rating: 4/5 stars