Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fusion (The Patrick Chronicles #2) By Nicole Williams Review


Patrick Hayward isn’t used to feeling helpless. He’s a man of action used to controlling his destiny. But falling in love with Emma Scarlett had a way of upending everything, his sanity included. 

Locked away as inmate number one-three-seven-oh for a crime he didn’t commit, Patrick spends his days slopping toxic sludge onto trays, resisting the urge to tear the scratchy, orange jumpsuit from his body, and making sure every hardened criminal behind bars with him knows he’s the biggest and baddest of them all. With the help of his handy little gift of teleportation, his nights are spent watching a certain green eyed goddess from the shadows. 

When he discovers a couple of Inheritors stalking her one night, he realizes the obstacle of explaining who and what he is to Emma might not be the biggest battle they face.


I'm not even sure how else to start this other than to say she has done it again folks! Nicole Williams has written, once more, an amazing book. I don't even think I could possibly put into words on how well she did. In Fusion, the second and final book of the Patrick Chronicles, we're once again thrown into Patrick Hayward's world. Having to do time in jail for a crime he didn't commit in order to help the family of the woman he loves, he is forced to remain at a distance to Emma Scarlett the woman who's managed to make the Patrick Hayward, in all his swag and sexy glory, fall in love with her.

The Eden Trilogy fans will not be disappointed. Our favorite couples all make their appearances again in Fusion, allowing us to once again revel in the amazing Hayward clan. I won't lie, the ending of Fusion had me bawling. It was bitter-sweet and perfect and so amazing that Nicole Williams deserves and award, or ten. Everything drew to a close, a perfect ending to my number one favorite series. I'm so ecstatic Patrick finally got his stories, so extremely happy we got to see more of William and Bryn, Joesph and Cora, and Nathaniel and Abigail.

You can bet I'll be waiting to see what else she writes, while re-reading the Eden Trilogy and the Patrick Chronicles over and over again of course! Thank you Mrs. Williams for giving us the awesomeness that is the Haywards!