Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Prince with Amnesia By Emily Evans Review


Violet’s sure of three things:

• Its senior year and its time to date
• She’ll have to lie to do it
• She wants to date the hot new guy – Kai

Kai’s sure of three things: 

• He has amnesia 
• He’s recuperating in secret in America
• He wants to date Violet

Ever dated a hot guy with amnesia who turns out to be a prince in disguise? 

- Welcome to Violet’s senior year.


The Prince with Amnesia. I think the title already describes what the story is all about..dont you agree? :D

 So now the story is basically about a guy who lost his memories due to an accident in their palace and he forgot who he was, his family and the fact that he is actually a Prince of Halterra, a small country in Europe.
 Due to that ill-fated incident, he was sent in Texas to live a normal life with his mother and that’s where he met the girl whom he fell in love with. But unfortunately, that girl is not allowed to date. SO, how will Kai make his move with Violet? That’s one thing that you need to find out in this story.

 The next thing that you need to find out is what will happen to Kai and Violet when Kai’s memories came back to him? Will he live Violet and go back to his own country and take his position again as the Prince of Halterra? or will he continue his life with Violet and turn his back to his country and forget that he is a Prince? 

I’m always a sucker for forbidden love, and this story certainly made me happy. It’s wonderfully written and is a fun, light read. The only complain that I have about the story is the ending. I think a couple more chapters would have been better. I felt the ending was a bit abrupt. 

Other than that totally loved the story, the chemistry between Kai and Violet and I would recommend it if you want an entertaining but  light read. It's romantic, sweet, and heartwarming.