Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Epic Escape By Emily Evans Review


Are you wearing something your mom picked out?

Do you need a way better date than the one seated beside you?

Yep, you need an Epic Escape…
Megan and Veronica watch the latest slasher flick while seated one row away from the two hottest guys in school. That’s when magic hits them, sucking the four seniors right into the film. Trapped, they race through genres fighting slashers, vampires, superbugs and hoop skirts. 

If they ever want to see home again, and maybe get a date out of this, it’s time for an Epic Escape.


Loved the title. Loved the concept of the book but it did seem a bit fast paced near the end. The romance was cute. Many scenes made me laugh for sure. Overall a fun, quick read.