Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Game Changer (The Perfect Game #2) By J. Sterling Review

The Game Changer By J. Sterling

Release Date : June 25th 2013 by Amazon Publishing

Paperback : 306 Pages

Characters : Cassie Andrews, Jack Carter

First Sentence : I opened my eyes the next morning, half terrified that it had all been a dream…

Last Sentence : I can’t wait until she’s knocked up.

Summary :

After a tumultuous year, Jack and Cassie are finally where they were always meant to be... together. But being with Jack isn't all it's cracked up to be. He knows it's his last chance to prove it to Cassie, but can he do it? Thrust into the spotlight, Cassie must learn how to navigate the waters of this sometimes unforgiving and cruel world. It's a lifestyle that makes you question your happiness and sanity as the past is never truly far behind. How do you stay together when the world's trying to tear you apart.
Review :

"You told me once that I was your game changer, but the thing is, you're mine too. It took me a while to realize that, but I finally did. You're my game changer. Because nothing else matters if you're not with me." 

As much as I was completely and 100% satisfied with the way things ended in The Perfect game I have to say that I was thrilled to find that there was gonna be a sequel to it. The Game Changer for me was a surprisingly pleasant addition to The Perfect Game.
The Game Changer starts off exactly where the first book left off before the epilogue. Jack tells us why it took him so long to get back to Cassie. The recap of their six months apart truly shows just how much our beloved pitcher loves his kitten.
This book deals with the ways of life a celebrity has to lead and the things which have to be endured by those who are connected to them. The problems created due to Jack "celeb" status is simply too much for Cassie to handle. She needs to find a balance between her life and the life that she has with Jack, and not lose herself in the process. Yes I do admit, that would be really hard to adjust to being criticized constantly and I probably would have reacted the same way about some of the things she dealt with. But instead of talking to Jack about it, she let it build and the result made my heart ache for both of them.
Melissa & Dean, well all I can say about them is that I loved them in the first book and I sure loved them even more in this one. In fact one of the quotes said by Meli to Crystal has me downright bursting with laughter!! 

“Oh, great.” Melissa rolled her eyes. “You touched her Dean. She’s probably pregnant now.” 

So all in all,I really liked it. I was happy with how the story played out. As I said, there is a different level of intensity to this one, but I thought it was fitting, as well as realistic. Fans of Cassie and Jack will be happy. If you're a fan of sports romance or even a fan of true love stories, check out this series!