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**{Blog Tour Stop}** Review + Giveaway : The Summer of Me & You By Rae Hachton

Title: The Summer of Me & You 
Author: Rae Hachton 
Published by: Teen Pulse 
Release Date: September 19th 2013


This is the summer of first love. The summer of magic. The Summer of Me and You. Kaleb has loved Kayleigh ever since first grade, even if he's never admitted it to anyone. Not even himself. But this summer, that's about to change.
Kaleb's had a troubled past, and Kayleigh's life has always been perfect. He'd love nothing more than to be the guy who ruins it all, and make her fall for him against her mother's wishes.
Kayleigh is a complete nerd. She's got the glasses to prove it. She just knows that a guy like Kaleb would never really want to be with a girl like her. So she's going to avoid him at all costs.
But then why do they always end up hanging out together?
When a secret that both their parents kept from them comes out, it will define the true meaning of love. But when this summer ends, will Kaleb and Kayleigh have to say goodbye, or is this just the beginning of many more summers to come?

Review :

This book was so much fun! I don't think there was even a single moment in the whole book that was dull. I enjoyed reading Kayleb & Kayleigh's story a lot. Absolutely loved the banter between these two. 
Kayleb here has issues. When I say issues I mean he kind of has anger issues. He has a lot of trouble controlling it and could get angry at a drop of a hat. Having been raised by only his mother Kayleb gets furious when people compare him to his father who left his mother before he was even born. Or so he thought. Kayleb has been in love with Kayleigh for as long as he can remember. But their on & off friendship irritates him a lot. Kayleigh on the other hand is your typical book nerd and you wanna know something else about her? She's just as much in love with Kayleb as he is with her. Now you'd be wondering why doesn't she confess her love to him and start being really happy for once,right?
Well it's simply because Kayleigh refuses to have a broken heart at the end of the summer. Which she can't help but believe Kayleb will do exactly if she gave him a chance. So what's gonna happen? How will their story proceed? 

Will Kayleigh ever give in to her feelings and confess her love to Kayleb or is a guarded & lonely heart better than a used and shattered one?
Nah. I'm not gonna answer that. How about you find out for yourself? *grin*

I was really happy with this book and the way all the characters in this book grew was really good. You could actually feel what they were going through.  The conclusion to this story couln't have been more perfect. It was exactly the way a beautiful summer filled with love, loss, friendship & forever's should be. I adored this book. I'm sure you will too! :)
Rating : 4/5 Stars

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About The Author :

Rae Hachton writes Dark Romanticism-sometimes with gears and clockwork. Has cemetery obsession. Misses Victorian London and ancient Rome. Believes in vampires and magic. If imaginary, she would be an automaton fairy. Corvidophile. Content.