Sunday, 1 September 2013

*** COVER REVEAL *** UnReap My Heart By Kate Evangelista


During his thousand year banishment in the Nethers, Balthazar thought of
nothing but taking over the Crossroads from Death.
On the day he puts his plans into action, Balthazar finds the Crossroads 
on lockdown. Death has been stabbed by Brianne’s Bitterness, a blade 
that slowly leaches him of his powers. In order to challenge Death for his 
seat and prevent utter chaos, Balthazar is forced into a mission to find the 
Redeemer, the only being capable of pulling out the blade from Death’s 
chest. The only person who can identify the Redeemer is a human girl in 
the Crossroads whose soul is still attached to her body.
Meeting Arianne Wilson pushes Balthazar’s patience to the limit. In a deal 
he makes with Death, he must protect Arianne during their journey through 
the Underverse using all the resources available to him. He soon realizes 
the one he needs to protect is himself. For as much harm as it inflicts on 
Balthazar's body, trekking through the Underverse with Arianne is proving 
more dangerous for his heart and soul.

Can the villain remain a villain when love gets in the way?

Book One : Blurb

Ever since a near-death-experience on the operating table, seventeenyear-old Arianne Wilson can see dead people. Just as she’s learned to 
accept her new-found talents, she discovers that the boy she’s had a crush 
on since freshman year, Niko Clark, is a Reaper.
At last they have something in common, but that doesn’t mean life is 
getting any easier. All while facing merciless bullying from the most
powerful girl in school, Arianne’s world is turned upside down after Niko 
accidentally reaps the soul of someone she loves. This sends them both 
into a spiral that threatens to end Arianne’s life. But will Niko break his own 
Reaper’s code to save her? And what would the consequences be if he