Wednesday, 23 October 2013

ARC Review : Crashing Into You by B.D. Rowe

New Adult Contemporary Romance

Bookish college sophomore Sydney Baker wants Evan Taylor with every ounce of her being. The hottest stud on campus, Evan is six foot four, ripped, stacked with muscles. He's even easy to talk to. 

There's just one problem: he's her roommate Melanie's boyfriend. 

But when Melanie tragically dies after a night of wild partying, Sydney and Evan turn to each other in a time of intense grief. And it doesn't take long for their close friendship to blossom into something more. 

Unfortunately for Sydney, secrets from the past soon put her relationship with Evan to the test. Especially when a sexy blonde freshman makes her way into Evan's life, and tries to rip away everything Sydney holds close to her heart.

**Mature Situations and Sexual Content - Recommended for Ages 17+**

Review :

*Includes Spoilers*

I don't even know where to start with this book. This story was just so SAD & TRAGIC! So many people dying, so many lies...Urgh!
Syd here is madly in love with her roommate, Melanie's boyfriend Evan.Also hanging over her is her past - the fact that she lost her high school boyfriend in a car crash because he was driving while drunk, and the way she deals with her crush on Evan as she tries to move on. The story veers between Sydney's feelings about the crash that caused the death of her boyfriend and two other people, to her dealing with her roommate's death from alcohol poisoning, to her romantic life and that of her best friend, too. I felt that the book was rather short for what the author seemed to be trying to accomplish, the conclusion wasn't satisfactory, either. It seemed rather abrupt. The characters seemed to lack depth for me. Evan was sure a HUGE disappointment for me. I liked him in the beginning but by the end I can't say the same.
Although the book really pulled me in in the beginning I wasn't really satisfied with it as a whole.
Seeing as I prefer books with a HEA and I'm not really into such tragic stories, I have to say sadly this book wasn't for me.
Rating : 2/5 Stars