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*{Blog Tour Stop}* Review + Favorite Quotes + Giveaways : Left By T. R. Graves

Release date: September 1st 2013
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Synopsis via Goodreads:

Your own two feet are all you have when you've been left.

A naive Baylee loves Colt, her boyfriend of four years, more than she ever thought possible. After a little snooping, she's convinced she's well on her way toward hearing an once-in-a-lifetime proposal and starring in the wedding-of-the-year event. Instead, she's blindsided by a very public breakup and the crushing news that Colt is marrying someone else… someone more befitting him and the role his father expects him to take in his law firm.

Baylee may have spent years resenting Ariana, her mother, and her suicide, an intolerable show of weakness in Baylee's opinion, but after Colt leaves her just short of the altar, Baylee sees the world through her mother's eyes. She sympathizes with Ariana's actions and realizes that some things—soul-deep aches—can irreparably damage you and make moving on nearly impossible.

At least that's how she feels until she meets Ryker. With his help, Baylee discovers there is life after Colt, and she prepares to move on by pulling herself up by the bootstraps, holding her head high, and standing on her own two feet. Unfortunately, a new jealous and hateful Colt has his own plans for her, and they are plans no one—especially Baylee—ever saw coming.

Review + Favorite Quotes:

While I'm very sorry for all you've gone through, I can't help but thank my lucky stars that you are now available so blokes the likes of me will have a shot at dating an angel,"

Oh.My.Gosh. This my dears was one amazing book. I enjoyed it so much that I literally couldn't put it down for a minute. Left was such an emotional rollercoster. Baylee was such a sweet and caring character. I loved her from the beginning. Bay here is a naive girl whose irrevocably in love with her boyfriend of 4 years, Colt. But as fate would have it, it turns out he wasn't really whom she thought he was after all. She is devastated & heartbroken after a very public breakup. The reason? He's leaving her because by doing so he is obeying his father and guess what else? He'll be marrying someone more"appropriate"for him no less!

With the sound of those alarms permanently etched into my mind, a grief that feels like it may never end consumes me. I want to burst into that room, take Baylee in my arms, and beg her to come back to me... tell her I'm nothing more than a shell of a man without her.

Enter Ryker. He was just the saving grace she needed. Ryker helped her through her breakup and made her realize that there is more to life than just her ex. Though equally he gives her time to grieve what she's lost. Colt on the other hand I'm having mixed feelings about. In the beginning I felt sorry for him since he tried everything to get Bay back but later on his methods simply pissed me off and by the end I was angry as well as feeling sorry for his mental state. I wanted to kick and punch him for what he did to Bay. But than again I knew I could count on Bay's avenging angel, Ryker! ;)

"Bay... you're going to be fine. Mom and I are here with you," I say, kissing her forehead and basking in the knowledge that she might actually survive this... that I might survive this.

The main theme of the book is also an important one. It gives you a lesson right there to not just stand by and bear all the injustice & violence. The way the author has written the theme and all the characters was simply brilliant. Overall, I cant wait for the next book & see how their story continues. :)

Ryker leans down and kisses me and pulls me into him. I let him offer me his strength, swearing I'll do the same for him if he ever needs it.

Rating : 5/5 Stars

About The Author :

T. R. Graves, the author of The Warrior Series and The Secrets Series and The Underwater Series, is a 2012 NaNoWriMo Winner. 
She lives along the Texas coast with her husband. Together, they raise T. R.'s beta reading daughter and their football-loving son. Besides being blessed with a supportive family, she counts her career as a registered nurse in not-for-profit hospitals high on her list of fulfilling accomplishments.


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