Monday, 24 March 2014

Review : Twisted Perfection (Perfection #1) By Abbi Glines

Summary :

Life outside of her house was a new experience for Della Sloane. The dark secrets of her past weren’t something she ever intended to share with anyone. They would never understand. No one would ever get close enough to find out. There was always a chance she’d go crazy sooner than they expected…

Woods Kerrington had never been one to be attracted to fragile females. They seemed like too much work. He wasn’t in it for the work just the pleasure. A night full of naughty fun had been exactly what was on his mind when he’d laid eyes on the hot little number that didn’t know how to pump gas and needed some help.

What he didn’t know was she was as fragile as they came.
The carefree girl who spoke her mind and didn’t care what the world thought of her was more breakable than he could ever imagine…

Review :

If you want to read a book that is basically two characters having a lot of sex then this book is for you. If you want to read a New Adult book with a girl and a tragic, abused past then this is for you. If you want to read a story that is a bit clichĂ© regarding southern American values and families stuck in the 19th century then yep, this book is for you too. 

Woods is the guy I know will not disappoint me. Despite Della's condition I know I don’t have a place in my heart to be skeptical on how he would handle Della's situation but when his evil family comes into the way - I know that's when things will start to tumble. I can't help but feel torn if he would be able to stand up on his own or would he take the easy way of life that his dad offers; would he be really be the man who would make a commitment to Della or be the one who marry bitchAngelina? Seeing Woods vulnerable is such a different side – I know he is scared because for the first time, he encountered a girl who might be broken but has the power or is capable of leaving him before he does.

Abbi Glines' is making her mark on me for having serious cliffhangers on her books, Twisted Perfection's ending? Well, it ended quite better for me. There were no cliffhanger when it comes to Woods and Della’s relationship instead the cliffhanger comes in a more unexpected or more complicated manner.It was a peaceful ending knowing that these two are good as a couple.

Ratings : 3/5 stars