Friday, 24 January 2014

***ARC REVIEW*** Pawns: By Estelle MacDonald


Leslie, the fifteen-year-old red-haired spitfire, starts life the daughter of nameless, uncaring parents. Abandoned at the side of the road, she stands shivering, with no skills beyond knowing how to pace her way through weeks of starvation. A group of runaways take her in, led by a particularly charming, strange boy. They take her in, giving her a chance at a new start with a full belly and a place to sleep - but nothing comes for free. How will she survive her new life, with her options slowly disappearing as this fateful night wears on?


***ARC received by the author for an honest review***

Pawns is a prequel novella that tells the story of Leslie, one of the characters in Rook which is the first book in the Timeless Games Series .
It took me exactly a minute to remember who Leslie was since the story of ROOK came back to me instantly. Also did I remember that I really liked that book. :D
After remembering Leslie I recalled that I hadn't like her very much in ROOK but knew that there was something more to her than what had been portrayed. Pawns is Leslie’s story and honestly it’s heartbreaking. It actually explains a lot of her decisions from ROOK and lets you know exactly how she ends up with Chase in the first place. Her parents are terrible and she has had a miserable life. I have conflicted feelings towards her right now. Should I like her any better or shouldn't I? No matter the answer to that knowing more of her background helps me to understand some of the decisions that she made in ROOK. So she has my sympathy there.

Overall, I'd say that I did enjoy reading PAWNS. It sure will help you understand Leslie's character much better.

Rating : 3/5 Stars