Wednesday, 22 January 2014

REVIEW : Clash (Crash #2) By Nicole Williams

Their Romeo-and-Juliet-level passion is the only thing Jude and Lucy agree on. That, and fighting all the time . . .

Also not helping? Lucy's raging jealousy of the cheerleader who's wormed her way into Jude's life.

While trying to hang on to her quintessential bad boy and also training to be the top ballet dancer in her class, Lucy knows something's going to give . . . soon.

How can she live without the boy she loves? How can she live with herself if she gives up on her dreams? If Lucy doesn't make the right choice, she could lose everything.

Review :

“Love isn’t easy. Especially the really good kind. It’s difficult, and you’ll want to rip your hair out just as many days as you’ll feel the wind at your back. But it’s worth it. It’s worth fighting for. Don’t let what isn’t real blind you from what is. Life isn’t perfect, we sure as shit aren’t perfect, so why should we expect love to be?” 

I LOVED this book. The writing was wonderful, the story was gripping and it kept me coming back again and again to devour it. Lucy and Jude’s relationship isn’t perfect, but this book proves that you can have a turbulent storm raging around you and survive it as long as you have trust and love with a solid foundation… and a rope to hold onto… when it tries to fall out from under you. 

“He made me happy. He made me crazy. He made me thank the heavens for the day I'd met him. He made me curse the same heavens for the day I'd met him.” 

Lucy and Jude, who overcame major obstacles in book one throughout their last year of high school, are now in college. And though their colleges are only five hours from each other, the distance and time apart along with misunderstandings, miscommunications, doubt, fear and a sinister Spirit Sister threaten to come between them permanently. 

Lucy does a lot of soul searching in this book. She sees the difficult road ahead of them and wonders if it’s a path she wants to travel down. Between their tragic past, their torrent present and their undecided future, Lucy and Jude have to find out if trust and love really is enough to concur all. There were some highly emotional moments in this book along with a good dose of fun, playful banter and lots of swoon worthy Jude moments. That boy MAN, is a total dream! Who wouldn’t want someone who could plow through a herd of line backers just to claim you as his but then quietly give you a rose just to prove he’s thought about you that day. 

Of course the road to an HEA for Jude & Luce is long, rough and scarred. But I've come to trust (almost) completely an indie author will bring her protagonists to the finish line in the most endearingly gratifying & sweetest way possible. Nicole Williams doesn't disappoint. This is mature YA at its best!

Rating : 5/5