Saturday, 25 January 2014

***Versatile Blogger and Awesome Blossom Awards***

I am speechless for receiving the "Versatile Blogger" and "Awesome Blossom" Awards. Same way that I was for winning the Liebster Award!

These awards are an amazing way to recognize and inspire dedicated bloggers by other bloggers from the blogging community for their efforts, Versatile Blogger Award recognizes bloggers who have versatile tastes and write about varied stuff on their blogs like reviews, stories, poems, inspirational posts etc. The Awesome Blossom Award gives recognition to bloggers who are awesome, ambitious and very dedicated in their efforts to give their best to their readers! :)

The rules for these awards are simple.

Rule 1: Thank the Blogger who nominated you and write a post with a link back to his blog.
Rule 2: Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.
Rule 3: Nominate other bloggers who in your opinion satisfy the requirements for these awards.

I was nominated by Nikita of Njkinny's World of Books. My sincere thanks to you girl for nominating me for these amazing awards. You rock! :)

Nikita has this pretty blog about books. She's a compulsive book lover, loves to review books, cook, laugh and make the best of each day.. Reading books to her is as important as breathing and she loves every second of it !! :) Go ahead & check out her book review HERE.

Seven interesting facts about me. Well I certainly hope they are interesting! *Grin*

1) I would stay inside a bookstore forever if life wouldn't get in the way.

2) I love collecting Paperbacks.

3) My phone is like attached to my hand 24/7.

4) I LOVE pets more than myself.

5) Becoming a singer is my dream. Though everyone knows I cant sing to save my life. :D

6) I would love to see these both books on the big screen :

Callum & Harper By Fisher Amelie

The Storyteller By Antonia Michaelis

7) Lastly, when I started writing these random things about me all the way to the last point I was like : OMG WHO AM I?? :D

My nominees for both these amazing awards are :

Natalie of Book Cupid

Congratulations! :)
Happy Reading and Blogging!
I hope I continue receiving your love and support. Thank you! :)