Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ascension By Sophia Sharp Review

Alright so Ascension is the conclusion of our journey with Laura , Logan , Alexander,Madison and Gray :( . No matter what people say if i read a series for a while I simply get attached to the characters. So yes I will miss all of them especially Grey. Ascension starts where Graced left Egypt.After a frustrating few weeks our guys finally find the repository and I have to tell you I totally loved the action in this book. The most important thing that I gotta say is that I truly admire Laura's courage and strength throughout the book. I mean the way she handled things , keeping the justice for the angels a priority to other things such as how she got a poisonous wound in her leg she still kept kicking the elder's butt...yep tottaly loved the action there. The storyline kept getting so much better that I couldnt keep the book down. Cheers to my favorite bear Grey for saving Laura AGAIN I might add. Truly a saviour...Isin't  he?? :)

And OMG what a double twist it had in the ending part of the story...totally unexpected.Really loved that.Now I'd give the book sayy 4 outta 5 stars b'coz of how it ended. I mean it was kind of abrupt...Laura didnt remember what she had done for god's sake & we dont even get to know what exactly happened to Alexander,Madison,Grey and did irritate me. I wanted to know what the first 2 encountered in the elder's dream but as I said we dont. But anyway it was a good journey and a good series overall in the end.