Saturday, 1 September 2012

Shattered By Sophia Sharp Review

Ok...So SHATTERED is the first book in the DREAM REALMS TRILOGY by SOPHIA SHARP. The story was kind of interesting...not what I was expecting but in a good way. The characters were strong and they werent obsessed with each other which is the case in most young adult novels. One thing which really got me thinking was that the girl just up and took off with somewhat a stranger knowing that she will never see her family or friends ever again.I mean shouldn't there have been some family scenes and drama when her family doesn't find her for days in a row...I dont think she even got a call from anyone. Other thing is that the book wasn't long enough for the complex plot.

Ok so anyway the basic vampire myth has been given quite a different take with its history and elders etc. Although the story was good was the end which really makes me wanna read the next book in the trilogy i.e DESTINED. So I'm off to read this sequel and will be back soon with its review. :)