Saturday, 22 September 2012

Human By Alycia Linwood Review

Human was quick, fun and a cute read. The author comes straight to the main plot of the story.Writing style of the author really appealed to me.It was simple yet sooo much fun to read. I liked the twist that the author put on Heaven, Hell, and Earth. It's really creative and original and I think that everyone will respect that not everything is what it seems. Ariel's character was funny, strong and brave and she did everything she needed to do for the people she loved. Although her thoughts were soo humourous that they made me laugh and smile throughout the entire story. I felt kind of bad for Devin for the way he was being treated...I so wanted to punch Maliadades in the face for that. Devin was such a sweetheart....he didnt deserve what he had been going through. Overall I'm glad I read this adorable book filled with a little drama, romance and definetly humour.

Favorite Quotes -

“How dare he call me while I was plotting his murder?”

"Some girl lent it to me." He smiled and pushed the cell phone towards me with his long fingers.
Lent? Yeah, right. Maybe I should be happy that he didn't want to take mine. I sighed and started explaining the basics to him, thinking how funny it would be to actually receive a call from Hell. Cell phone service providers would have a lot of trouble figuring out how to charge that one, or they'd simply slap the highest price possible.

"I know the animal, but this is not alive. And it's smaller." He actually poked it to prove his theory.
I tried to take it from him, but he lifted it up above his head. Maybe he wasn't really tall, but he was still taller than me, and I couldn't reach it.

"It's a toy!" I said, frustrated. "Just give it back to me. It's mine!"

"Oh." He handed me back my plushie, but he didn't seem too happy about it. "You can keep it?"
"Hey, just because most people think toys are for kids doesn't mean they're right!"